5 moduri unice si creative de a oferi un cadou experienta

Experience gifts mean much more than the usual gifts and materials that you give every time you are invited to an event. Experiences give you the chance to give your loved ones a special gift: unforgettable memories, instead of material objects. Obviously, you could simply print the experience voucher and give it to the recipient in a card, but what would be the charm of this special gift?

Such an extraordinary gift deserves to be offered in an equally extraordinary way! Be inspired by the 5 unique ways to give an experience gift, which you will find below and which will certainly bring a smile to the recipient's face.

Put the voucher in a huge box

When we say huge, we really mean huge! Choose the biggest box you can find, put the voucher for the experience gift at the bottom of the box and fill the rest of the box with colored crepe paper, or even with balloons. And as the icing on the cake, choose a brave gift wrapping paper and decorate the box with a huge bow. Large gifts always capture the eye, attention and imagination of the recipient, and you can literally see his face light up while he "unearths" the extremely careful and well-thought-out gift. Whoever said that the best gifts come in small boxes didn't know what he was talking about!

Tip: Go one step further and buy a set of Matrioska gift boxes. Put the experience voucher in the smallest of the boxes, wrap it and put it in the next box in size and repeat this way until you put all the boxes inside each other. The recipient's anticipation and excitement will increase as they discover and open each new box!

Stay on the subject of the gift

Do you want to spoil a loved one with an experience full of excitement and adrenaline? Are you gifting a racing enthusiast a personal experience of driving a sports car? Do you give your husband a crash course on an airplane? Or your parents balloon ride with hot air? Whatever you choose to give your loved ones, don't forget to deliver the gift of experience in a package perfectly adapted to the adventure.

For the sports car experience, you can put the folded voucher on the front seat of a Lamborghini or Ferrari toy. For the airplane initiation course, you can choose to offer the voucher together with an airplane model or you can actually make an airplane from the voucher. If the recipient of your gift will go on a hot air balloon adventure, you can put the voucher inside a helium balloon, which you can inflate later, or you can even find a toy hot air balloon. These unique ways to give gifts an experience can add a fun and memorable touch to your gifts.

Includes a photo frame in the package

Regardless of the adventure you choose to offer, one thing is certain: your gift of experience will definitely bring amazing memories to a loved one. The package includes a special photo frame, in which he can put his favorite photo from the special day he received as a gift. He will thus be able to always see the image of that day and relive special moments. In addition, every time he sees the photo, he will think of you and your incredible gift!

Tip: Instead of a frame, you can also choose an album, which the recipient of your gift can fill in the years to come, with numerous photos from the adventures he embarks on.

Organize a treasure hunt

A treasure hunt will not only be extremely entertaining, but will also represent a phenomenal way to give a personal touch to the gift offered. All you have to do is give the recipient of your gift clues that will lead him to the location, then relax and enjoy the treasure hunt itself.

Give the search as many personal clues as possible by using clues based on common jokes or memories that only you understand. With the final hint, send the loved one to a special place, where they will find the voucher for the experience gift. Or, if you want to achieve the ultimate surprise, book the adventure already, dedicate a whole day to the celebration and end the "treasure hunt" with a scenic cruise, an acrobatic flight, a a gastronomic tour , a spa treatment or another unforgettable experience!

Offer the voucher together with the chocolate

Who wouldn't love a few pieces of delicious, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate? Certainly, everyone! To give your gift a special and "tasty" touch, you can hide the voucher for your experience gift in a chocolate heart that your loved one can break. He will have to destroy the little chocolate gem to get to the gift inside. With this way of giving him a special experience, you will not only delight his soul, but also his taste buds and satisfy his sweet tooth. Not a fan of chocolate? Place the voucher in a fruit bouquet or inside a surprise cake.
However you decide to present your extraordinary gift, we are convinced that the ideas above will help you make your loved ones buzz with excitement.