15 reguli nescrise ale artei de a face cadouri

Every year we are faced with dozens of occasions to give gifts to those around us, from Women's Day and Father's Day, to birthdays, from Christmas to Easter, and from weddings to baby showers , from congratulations to condolences. Sometimes gifts are generally encouraged, and sometimes the rules are not so clear.

Although we cannot offer here "yes"/"no" rules for every circumstance in which you will have to give a gift, below are 15 unwritten general rules for giving gifts, which will help you not to find yourself in unwanted situations .

1. Attention to details matters

There's a reason why this rule seems like a cliché: it's a universally accepted rule when it comes to giving gifts. The person receiving the gift will appreciate a cheap but carefully thought-out gift much more than an expensive gift without anything special.
The only exception to the rule are weddings, where in general it is good for the gifts to have a more important material value.

2. Money and gift cards are suitable gifts

Just because money and gift cards are an easy gift to choose, doesn't mean they are inappropriate gifts. Moreover, there are many situations in which gift cards are perfectly acceptable. For example, cash or checks are wonderful gifts for newly married couples or when attending a baptism.
Cards are also a very suitable gift, especially for children's parties. They can later choose the toys they like, and parents can avoid piles of extras and useless toys in the house.

3. Don't expect a gift in return

During the holidays, you may have some friends or colleagues for whom you plan to buy gifts. But don't forget that if they are on your list, it doesn't mean that you are on their list too. Give gifts because you want to and feel like doing it, not because you expect something in return.
To avoid awkward Christmas moments, you and your group can organize a Secret Santa, for example.

4. Group gifts are a good option

If someone has a very expensive gift on their wish list, you can very well get together with a few other friends or colleagues and buy that gift together. It's a great way to give someone something important that you know they really want.

5. Personalized gifts are carefully chosen gifts

To show someone that you thought of them, consider a personalized gift, such as stationery items. These gifts are useful and are much less likely to produce piles of useless objects in the house than some ordinary wine glasses.

6. Try not to overspend

There is no prize for who spends the most money on gifts for one person. You can even make someone you love feel embarrassed that they are receiving an extravagant gift. A meaningful gift is as good as an expensive gift.

7. Use wrapping paper or gift bags

There are several benefits of gift wrapping. Gifts for Christmas, birthdays and for any other occasion look much nicer and more festive if they are wrapped.
Or maybe the one who receives the gift wants to open it privately. Not everyone enjoys being the center of attention when opening a gift, just as not everyone wants their reactions to be visible. Wrapping paper can help you respect the privacy of those to whom you give a gift.

8. Buy from local or small businesses

If you want to avoid impersonal and universal gifts, you will have to look for local and small businesses. You have more chances to find unique and personalized gifts this way. You can search for such businesses on social media or you can find creative ideas on Etsy.

9. Put the voucher together with the gift

We would all love to know that we have great gift ideas that everyone loves. But in reality, things are not always like this and it happens that you make a mistake with the choice of gifts. Especially at large events, it is acceptable to include the receipt in the package, in case the product must be returned, either because the person in question already has it, or because he does not need it.
Parents will also appreciate the vouchers, especially if they try to reduce the number of unnecessary objects in the child's room.

10. Gifts do not necessarily have to be material

If you're looking for a gift idea, it's perfectly normal to think "outside the box" literally. Take into account various subscriptions, experience gifts or even a little of your time. For example, a new mother may appreciate some free time if you offer to stay with her child for free.

11. Give a card with the gift

Congratulations offer the perfect opportunity for a few words from the heart. They are also suitable if you give a cash gift, a check or a gift card.
But cards can also be useful for something else: for a person who receives many gifts at a party for a special occasion, cards are useful to know who each gift is from.

12. Avoid giving gifts in front of other people

With the exception of an invitation to a party, where everyone comes with a gift, you should not give gifts when other people are present. If it's a Christmas present, you can make others feel stupid for not giving them something too.
Even if it is a colleague's birthday, the situation can be strange if someone feels strange that he did not offer a gift to that colleague.

13. Choose gifts from a wish list, if you have this option

Gifts from the heart and carefully chosen are wonderful. But if someone you love has a wish list or an open list at a store they like, you can't go wrong with the choice of gift. On this list will be the gifts that a person or a couple really wants and considers useful. Anything else will only collect dust around the house.

14. Don't be shy to ask someone what they want

Some people think that they should avoid this kind of questions, but there are circumstances in which it is actually preferable to do this, especially when it comes to children. If your son or daughter is going to a birthday party for a colleague or friend, feel free to ask the parents what to buy or what to avoid.

15. Always say thank you

This last rule is for the one who receives the gift, not for the one who gives it. But it is the most important rule. Whenever someone gives you a gift, say thank you, even if it's informal. Appreciations mean a lot.

The next time you have to give a gift, use the list of unwritten rules above and the process of choosing and giving a gift will definitely be simpler.