13 moduri creative de a impacheta un cadou experienta

If you are looking for a wonderful alternative to another pile of gifts consisting of material objects, experience gifts are the solution for you! Beyond the fact that they will help you prevent clutter in the house and unnecessary crowding, experience gifts are a fun way to bring adventure into the lives of the people you love.

Experience gifts are wonderful gifts that will help you fulfill special wishes of the dear people in your life. But how do you wrap an experience gift? If you already know what you want to give someone, you can use these creative ideas to make an experience gift as interesting and exciting to open as a traditional gift.

1. Give a certificate as a gift or write a gift coupon with your own hand

Buy a gift card or gift certificate for the unique experience you are giving and wrap it up. It can be a voucher for a restaurant, for a cafe, an airline or a hotel, a voucher for a spa, or theater tickets.

2. Buy the tickets for the experience in advance and wrap them as a traditional gift

It can be about movie tickets, tickets to sports events, access tickets to the Zoo, to science centers, etc.

3. Find a photo image or a logo that represents what you offer and print them

Have you invited a loved one to a sporting event? Print the team logo, write the date of the game you are going to and wrap the gift.
Do you want to invite the little ones to the Zoo? Print a beautiful picture of the lions from the city Zoo and wrap the tickets pasting the picture on top.

4. Buy a small object representative of the gift you are giving and wrap it

Have you thought about an access subscription to the Zoo? Buy an extra animal and wrap it as a gift.
Do you want to give a loved one a vacation? Put in the package, along with the tickets, a small model of an airplane.
A day at the Spa or at the Mani-Pedi? Pack together with the voucher and a nail polish.

5. Offer the first "trance" from the gift

Are you gifting a fashionista a subscription to a glossy magazine? Buy a first copy of the magazine and wrap it to accompany the wonderful news that you have a 1-year subscription to your favorite magazine!

6. Offer something necessary for the offered activity

Do you want to give a loved one ballet lessons? Give her a pair of ballet shoes in the right size.
Are you thinking about a football course? Also pack a new pair of cleats or a new ball.
Lunch at a tea room with mom? Buy her a nice dress or a pair of fancy gloves.
A water park? Along with the access tickets, they offer a new bathing suit or a pair of slippers.
A cooking class? It also offers a new apron or a much-needed spatula.
A vacation or a weekend getaway? Give a troller or an adventure backpack as a gift.

7. Organize a treasure hunt

Create some simple clues that will help your loved one to guess what gift you are giving him and wrap it first. When they open the box, the first clue should lead them to the next one (hidden somewhere in the house), then to the third and fourth. The final one can be an envelope with tickets or a representative object for a gift. The joy of discovery and adrenaline will thus be at maximum levels!

8. It offers a "kit" for creating your own experience

A box of art supplies. Create a box full of different arts and crafts products – paper, markers, labels, pom-poms, glue, pencils, scissors, feathers, etc.
A box for a movie night. Equip a basket with everything necessary for a movie night at home – popcorn, candy, bottled juices, new pajamas and a DVD or an iTunes gift card for movie rentals.

A camping kit. Fill a travel bag with camping items such as a good flashlight, a set of dishes, jerry cans, matches, barbecue sticks, first aid kit, rope, etc.
Gift box for pampering. Put a robe, a face mask, effervescent bath pills, nail polish, foot scrub, acidic drinks, chocolate, etc. in a basket.
Cooking kit. Choose a theme (for example Italian cuisine) and put in a basket ingredients such as a box of pasta, tomato sauce, olive oil, wine, aprons, etc.

9. Take a creative picture to represent the gift

Do you want to invite a loved one to a special meeting? Take a picture of yourself with your arm outstretched as if you were hugging someone and then show with a sign that someone is missing from that picture.
Download a picture related to the location where the experience you are offering takes place and edit the picture by placing the person to whom you are giving the gift in the place where you are going to take them.
Take a funny picture trying to do that activity yourself - it works great with activities like ballet, dance, karate, etc.
Edit an image of a celebrity who does this activity and put in its place the head of the person who will enjoy your gift.

10. Send a video representing the gift offered

Use your phone to record a video clip of you saying what the gift is.
Film a few images from the place where you are going to take the recipient of the gift experience, and at the end add a text like "Surprise. I'll take you here!".
Find a video tour online and send it to that person.

11. Try themed packaging

Water park or an island getaway? Write on paper and put your "message" in a bottle and pack it.
Cooking time? Ask a local bakery to write your message with icing on a cake or cake.
Night to paint? Buy a small and cheap canvas and write on it with a marker.

12. Solve the puzzle

Write with the marker on the back of a puzzle what experience you are going to give as a gift, mix the pieces of the puzzle well and give the pieces to your loved one to restore the original image. A puzzle with fewer pieces will be a better option.

13. Make a collage and ask the recipient of the gift to guess

Cut out some pictures and words from magazines that represent the gift, and create a collage (either on paper, with scotch tape or glue, or on a box using cutouts, or on any other support). Ask the recipient of your gift to guess what it is about, starting from the collage. Or put the tickets or gift voucher in the box.