12 tipuri de masaj si beneficiile lor

What is a massage?

There are several types of massage that focus on different body parts or healing approaches. Massage is a practice that includes rubbing and kneading movements of the body, using the hands. During the massage, a massage therapist will apply light or strong pressure to the muscles and joints of the body, to relieve pain and tension. A massage therapist is a person trained and qualified to offer massages.
Below are the different types of massage and which one might be the most suitable for you.

1. Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a light type of massage, for the whole body, ideal for people who:

  • they are beginners in terms of massage;
  • suffers from high blood pressure;
  • are sensitive to touch.

Swedish massage can help relax muscle knots and are also a good choice for times when you want to relax completely during a massage.
For this massage you will have to give up your clothes, although you can decide to keep your underwear. You will be covered with a sheet and lie on the table. The massage therapist will move the sheet to discover the areas they are actively working on.

The therapist will use a combination of:

  • kneading;
  • long and fluid movements in the direction of the heart;
  • deep circular movements;
  • vibration and light knocking;
  • passive joint movement techniques.

In general, a Swedish massage lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.
You can choose a Swedish massage for relaxation and to manage minor pains.

2. Massage with hot stones or volcanic rocks

Hot stone massage is best for people suffering from muscle pain and tension, or for those who simply want to relax. This type of therapeutic massage is similar to a Swedish massage, with the only difference that the therapist will use heated stones instead of hands. This type of massage relieves muscle tension and improves blood circulation and relieves pain by using heated stones.

Hot stone massage can be useful for:

  • reduction of muscle tension;
  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • pain relief;
  • promoting relaxation;
  • stress relief.

During the massage, heated stones are placed on different areas of the body. The therapist can also hold a stone in the hand when massaging certain parts of the body through Swedish massage techniques, using light pressure. Sometimes cold stones can also be applied.

You don't have to wear clothes for the hot stone massage unless you feel better wearing underwear. You will be covered with a sheet.
In general, this type of massage lasts 90 minutes.
Hot stone massage relieves tension more than Swedish massage, due to the added heat, but this type of massage is generally more expensive than a Swedish massage.

3. Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massages are the most suitable for people who need an emotional healing component in the massage.

This type of massage can contribute to:

  • mood stimulation;
  • reducing stress and anxiety;
  • reduction of depression symptoms;
  • improving muscle tension;
  • pain relief.

Aromatherapy massages combine light and gentle pressure with the use of essential oils. The one who decides, in principle, which essential oils should be used is the massage therapist, but you can tell him if you have any preference. Essential oils are diluted before being applied to the skin.

During the full-body massage, you will inhale the essential oils diffused with the help of a diffuser and absorb them through the skin. Sometimes the aromatherapeutic massage will focus only on the back, shoulders and head. You will not wear clothes other than underwear, which is also optional.
It is not recommended to use this type of massage if you are sensitive to the smells of essential oils.
An aromatherapeutic massage generally lasts 60-90 minutes.

4. Deep tissue massage (deep tissue massage)

Deep tissue massage uses more pressure than a Swedish massage and is a good option if you have chronic muscle problems, such as muscle pain, injuries or possible imbalances. It can help you relax tense muscles, chronic muscle pain and anxiety.

During a deep tissue massage, the massage therapist uses only slow movements and deep pressure with the fingers, to release the tension from the deepest layers of the muscles and connective tissues. During this massage you can be undressed or wear underwear. Although deep tissue massage may be more intense, you should not feel pain. Avoid this type of massage if you are sensitive to pressure.
The deep tissue massage lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

5. Sports massage

Sports massage is a good option if you have a repetitive use injury to one of the muscles, as happens when you do certain sports. It is also a very good option if you are prone to injuries, because it can be used to prevent sports injuries. You can also use sports massage to increase flexibility and performance. In addition, sports massage can be used to relieve pain, anxiety and muscle tension.

A sports massage can be performed in the full-body version, or the massage therapist can focus on those parts of the body that require the most attention. Depending on the needs, deep pressure can be alternated with soothing movements.
The sports massage can be done both dressed and undressed. If you prefer to wear clothes, make sure they are thin, loose and allow the therapist access to the muscles. Short pants and loose tops are a good option.
This massage lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

6. Trigger point massage

Trigger point massages are the most suitable for people suffering from injuries, chronic pain or a specific condition or disease. Sometimes areas of tension in muscle tissue, known as trigger points, can cause pain in other parts of the body.
By focusing on releasing trigger points, this type of massage can reduce pain.

Trigger point massage uses broad and fluid movements, which are gentle and relaxing, in combination with stronger and deeper pressure.
The massage will include movements applied to the whole body, although the therapist will focus on certain areas of the body that need relaxation. You can wear light clothes for this massage or you can be fully or partially undressed.
This type of massage generally lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

7. Reflexology

Reflexology is best suited for people who want to relax or restore their natural energy levels. It is also a very good option if you don't feel comfortable being touched all over your body.
Reflexology uses soft and firm pressure on different pressure points on the sole, palm and ears. You can wear light, comfortable clothes that allow access to the legs.
A reflexotherapeutic massage generally lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.

8. Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage is beneficial for people who want to feel relaxed and relieves stress, pain and tension. It is a type of Japanese massage that:

  • promotes emotional and physical calm and relaxation;-
  • contributes to the relief of stress, anxiety and depression;
  • can relieve headache;
  • reduces muscle tension.

Shiatsu massage works on the whole body, but the therapist can focus on areas of the body that need extra attention. During the massage, the therapist will use his hands, palms and thumbs to massage certain points of the body. This type of massage uses pulsation or rhythmic pressure.
Shiatsu massage is a good option if you are looking for a relaxing massage and it can also help you release minor muscle tension.
You can be fully clothed during this massage.
Shiatsu massages generally last between 60 and 90 minutes.

9. Thai massage

Thai massage is the most suitable for people who want a more active form of massage and who want to reduce and relieve pain and stress. It can also help you improve your:

  • flexibility;
  • blood circulation;
  • energy levels.

Thai massage works on the entire body, using a sequence of movements that are similar to stretching in yoga. The therapist uses his palms and fingers to apply firm pressure on the body. Also, Thai massage is more active than other forms of massage, so you will be stretched and twisted in various positions.
You can wear comfortable clothes during this massage.
Thai massage generally lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

10. Prenatal massage

Prenatal massage can be a safe way for women to benefit from massage during pregnancy. It can help reduce body pains from pregnancy, reduce stress and improve muscle tension. You can do this type of massage at any time during pregnancy. However, many clinics do not offer massage to women in the first trimester, due to the risk of spontaneous abortion during this period.

prenatal massage uses light pressure, similar to that of Swedish massage. The therapist will focus on areas such as the lumbar, hips and legs.
During the prenatal massage, you can be completely or partially undressed, depending on the degree of comfort. The massage position is either lying on one side or on a specially designed table, with a cutout specially designed for the belly. If you have calf pain or pain in other parts of the leg, consult a doctor before the massage.
This massage will last for 45-60 minutes.

11. Couples massage

Couples massage is a massage that you will do in the same room with a partner, a friend or a family member. This type of massage offers all the benefits of a regular massage and sometimes offers access to hydromassage tubs, saunas and other facilities in a spa center. There is also the possibility of finding various packages that include other treatments, such as pedicures, facial treatments and body scrubs.

In general, you can choose which type of massage you prefer and it is not necessary that both people receive the same type of massage. Thus, you will choose according to your needs, preferences and spa offers, but in general the most common types of massage that can be performed as a couple's massage are the Swedish massage and the massage with heated stones.
The massage tables on which the two will sit are next to each other and each will have their own therapist at their disposal. If you want, you can talk during the massage.

12. Chair massage

A chair massage is the best option for people who want a quick massage that focuses on the neck, shoulders and back. A chair massage can also be a way to get to know massage, if it is your first experience of this kind.
Chair massage helps to reduce stress and promotes relaxation, with light to medium pressure.

During this massage, you will remain fully clothed and sit on a specially designed chair, so that your back is to the therapist.
These massages generally last between 10 and 30 minutes, so they are an excellent option if you don't have a lot of time.

How do you find a massage therapist?

You can get a personal recommendation for a massage therapist from a doctor, a friend or online. You can also make appointments with several different therapists to finally see which one you prefer. Make sure it's someone who makes you feel good, so you can relax completely.

The chosen therapist must have adequate training and be specialized in what he does. It would not hurt to have a short conversation with the therapist before starting the sessions, so that you can tell him exactly what you expect from him and ask questions about the subject.

How much does a massage cost?

Standard massages have prices that generally start from 80 - 150 lei, depending on the type of cabinet you opt for. Thus, in an ordinary office you can have a one-hour Swedish massage at prices of 80-100 lei, while at more luxurious spas with complex services you will benefit from an hour of Swedish massage at prices starting from from 150 lei.

Aromatherapy, hot stone massage and prenatal massages tend to be more expensive than standard massages. Depending on where you go, some specialized massages - such as deep tissue massage, Thai massage or sports massages - can also be a bit more expensive.
You can also try the services of masseurs who come to your home and who can offer you more reasonable prices, or you can find a masseur at a local massage school, who will also have slightly better rates.


Massage can be a way to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Experiment with different types of massages and with different massage therapists, to find the type and provider that is most suitable for you.
Always discuss the expectations you have from the therapist and tell him if there is anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you have any health problem or condition, talk to your doctor before any type of massage.