11 idei pentru un weekend special in doi

Do you feel that you are stuck in a routine as a couple and you don't know how to get out of this situation? When you find that your evening meetings mainly take place on the couch and necessarily involve Netflix, it's the perfect time to put some salt and pepper in your relationship and do something different.

We're talking about adrenaline-filled zipline experiences, hot air balloon rides, an almost magical experience, dinner at sea, discovering the artist in you and much more... So forget about the "dinner and a movie" routine and read on to find out some of the best ideas that you can put into practice in a weekend for two.

Take a zipline route

If you want to fall in love with each other again, a zipline route is the ideal recipe! Few things can make your heart beat faster than the adrenaline of a zipline route through nature, at a height. Apart from your partner, of course... Combine the unbeatable emotions of high-speed flight with the epic panoramas of mountains and waters, and if you want a truly romantic experience, synchronize your zipline route according to the sunset - a truly memorable and worthy experience any bucket list.

Immerse yourself in a dinner and a murder mystery

A "partners in crime" experience, such a dinner will definitely be a date that will break the monotony of the couple and will make you feel completely different. Spend a weekend or an evening in which you let the detective in you come out to the light, over a dinner
electrifying, spiced with a murder mystery. You will live an evening full of intrigue and immerse yourself in a real modern mystery, having to follow clues and investigate various tracks to find out who is guilty of the crime.

Go to a tasting

Are you bored of the banal dinner reservations in the same restaurants whose menus you already know by heart? Forget about them and add extra flavor to an evening for two with a culinary tour.
A culinary tour or tasting is an excellent way for you and your lover to step into an adventure completely different from what you know. Organize a weekend getaway and take your partner to a special city for you, where you can treat yourself to some of the best snacks. And not anyway, but while an expert in the kitchen will reveal the rich history of the place, show you real hidden treasures and offer you a lot of delicacies that will not allow you to forget these places.

You can choose a culinary tour in a country with world-renowned cuisine, or you can make a choice on a smaller scale, opting for gastronomic tours in Romania, in various areas where the dishes will impress you.

Go for a walk on the water at sunset

If you like the water and haven't been out for a long time, a perfect option for a weekend outing for two is a ride on a catamaran or a small yacht, which will give you the chance to enjoy the perfect sunset on the water. You will give your partner a real surprise, sailing with him towards the sunset and watching together as the day turns into night, and the bright lights of the city come to life. You can choose semi-cruises at sunset, the perfect opportunity to float on the water, in addition to some of the most emblematic sights of some cities that you may not have discovered until now.

Try an art class

Glass processing is one of the most creative activities you can try in a weekend, with your loved one... Literally! Warm up the atmosphere with a masterclass in which you can create together unique glass pieces that can be kept forever.
You can also try the Potter's Wheel and recreate the atmosphere from Ghost, with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore modeling clay objects in a particularly sensual pose. You probably know what we are talking about and you also know how romantic the two made the pottery look.
Turn on the oven, sit comfortably and let creativity and romance come naturally...

Take your love to new heights

Without a doubt, this is the most romantic and unforgettable thing you can do in weekend with a loved one. Float in the sky in one hot air balloon , looking at the impressive mosaic of colors unfolding at your feet. An experienced and very skilled pilot will always be there to answer any burning question and to show you the local points of interest and the beauties of nature in the places you cross. If you want memories that will last a lifetime, this is definitely an activity for you.

Explore the world together

After the year of the pandemic, in which our children were put on the waiting line, living today means going out in the nature and discover unexplored territories, together with your loved one. Whether you choose to play tourist in your hometown and discover it as you may not know it, or whether you choose to discover a city in the country or outside it, you will definitely find famous landmarks and real cultural gems places you didn't know about! You can discover the cities by bicycle, in limousine rides or even in Segway tours.
And if you opt for a guide and a well-planned itinerary, you will be happy too relax to the maximum building wonderful memories together.

Refine your culinary skills

Is the restaurant from which you order your favorite dishes every day starting to look a little outdated? Then you will definitely like one cooking class with your lover. After all, food and romance always make a good home, so what could be better than cooking together and enjoying time spent together?
Learn and become masters of some of the most emblematic dishes in the world from the comfort of your own kitchen, prepare delicious meals or gain access behind the scenes of unique restaurants, maybe even with Michelin stars, why not? By the end of the course, you will learn to cook dishes of the same quality as those in the restaurant and you will spend quality time together. In other words, a win all the way!

The perfect meeting - kayaking for two

If you like nature and fresh air and you enjoy good weather on the weekend, you won't go wrong with a kayak tour. Spend the time you need together, relax and recharge your batteries in beautiful landscapes from Romania or anywhere. Climb into a kayak, paddle along the scenic shores and keep your eyes open for wildlife around.

A helicopter tour

A dream for many of us, a helicopter tour is a fairly safe activity that you can do on the weekend with your loved one. Whether you want to discover the city or cities where you were born or a new city from a very special perspective, whether you are always looking for new and exciting activities or simply adore everything aviation means, a tour by helicopter is the right experience for you. Available in locations all over the country, with some of the best views, it's definitely a perfect date idea.

Dinner and a glass of wine by the sea

If you want to take your lover on a special sea cruise, just for dinner and a glass of wine, you can do that in a lot of coastal cities around the world. You will find everything from cruises to first class brunches, to wine tastings and more. Make the most of it and enjoy romantic places, breathtaking landscapes, exceptional cuisine and live music. Whether it's a weekend where you celebrate something special, or you simply want to do something fresh and exciting, a glass of wine and dinner by the sea will be the perfect experience for the two of you!