10 ponturi pentru planificarea unei petreceri surpriza perfecte

If you have ever participated in a surprise birthday party, you probably remember the anticipation and excitement of the organization. It is a fantastic experience for everyone involved, including the guest of honor.

When it comes to planning a surprise party, the details can seem a little complicated. First of all, make sure that the party would not be upset about a little trick followed by a big surprise. After that you can move on to organizing work.
To help you, below are 10 tips that will help you plan the perfect surprise birthday party.

1. Choose a "team" of conspiracists

If you want to organize a large-scale surprise event, you must recruit some friends or relatives to help you with ideas, with the organization and be very lucky. These "conspiracy" colleagues can help you keep the secret and will take some of the burden of planning a huge party off your shoulders.
Also, they can help you ask the celebrant various questions without making him suspicious. After all, two questions from four people betray less the intention of a surprise party than eight questions from a single person.

2. Play smart detective

What are the things that the celebrant likes? If you find out such details, you can better plan the surprise party. Has he always wanted to throw an axe? Does your favorite restaurant have a space for fun events? Is his favorite color blue? Who are his closest friends?
Do some smart digging to determine the perfect location, theme, and food for the party.

3. Find a location for the surprise party

When choosing a suitable location for a surprise party, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you plan.
If it is a large open space, such as a bowling alley, it will be more difficult to organize a large-scale surprise. If it's at someone's house, is there enough room for everyone you want to include on the guest list? Choose as a location a practical place, which the party will love, which does not exceed the budget and which will be ideal for the type of party you hope to have.

4. Choose a personalized theme

Think about some of the favorite things of the celebrant or the guests of honor, if it's not a birthday party, and try to choose a surprise party theme that they will enjoy. Think of a TV show or movie, color, hobby, food, drink, decade, band or foreign city. Choose the decorations, accessories and maybe even the outfits of the guests, so that they agree with the theme.

5. Create a plan for diversion

This is one of the most important aspects of a surprise party. There are some parts of the diversion plan that you have to arrange and some tricks that you will have to use, to make sure that the party is not caught by surprise.
Date. Choose a day or an evening a week or two before the birthday, so that the surprise is as big as possible. Create a "fake" plan, so that you reserve the day and time in advance.
Displacement. Make sure there is a safe way to bring the guest of honor to the venue. You can tell him, for example, that you are taking him out to dinner earlier on the occasion of his birthday, and then plan everything so that all the guests are waiting for you at the restaurant. Have someone else drive so there is no risk of showing up early and spoiling the surprise.
The gifts. Create an excuse to ask the celebrant to make a wish list of the gifts he wants, so that the party guests know exactly which are the best gifts for him.

6. Send invitations secretly

It must be written on the invitations that it is a surprise party. The more you remind your guests not to divulge the secret, the better. Do not omit any relevant information, including the time at which the guests must arrive, so that everything is ready for the celebration.
You can also use printed invitations, but don't forget the benefits of social networks. A WhatsApp or Facebook group will help you maintain open communication between you and the guest.

7. Prepare the decorations, food and drinks

If you organize the surprise party in a place that serves food and drinks, this part will not give you a headache. If you do it in a private residence or in a park, you will have to plan ahead of time everything related to snacks and drinks. Those who conspire to organize the party can each bring some culinary preparations.
Decorations and accessories are fun to prepare, and setting up the location is just as fun. You can include balloons, banners, streamers and paper products, all appropriate to the theme of the party. Of course, first you will have to talk to the owners of the location, to make sure that there are no restrictions regarding the decorations.

8. Remind the guests of the secret plans

A day or two before the big day, contact the guests and remind them of the party plans. That's why I said above that WhatsApp or Facebook groups are extremely beneficial. Make sure once again that everyone will be there at the appointed time.
Contact everyone involved in the diversion, to be sure that everything is ready to work like a Swiss watch and that the surprise will be total!

9. Surprise the guest of honor

The most popular way to surprise the celebrant is for all the guests to hide in the location, ready to jump and shout "Surprise!" when the celebrant enters the door. You can also think of some confetti and some toys that make noise, for an added effect.

10. Enjoy the surprise party

As the host, you will probably have several roles during the night, such as arranging everything related to food and drink or organizing the gifts. But don't forget that you have to have fun too.
You worked very hard to put together the surprise party, so once it starts don't forget to relax and enjoy yourself. You deserve it!