Presentation flight by plane - Cazanele Dunarii

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Land excursions and boat trips are welcome and indispensable in the Drobeta-Orsova-Cazanele Dunarii area for the spectacular views and wonders found there, but a presentation flight with an airplane above them offers an unparalleled experience and a unique panorama. A perfect gift worth every penny!

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Presentation flight by plane - Cazanele Dunarii

If you have not yet arrived at Cazanele Dunarii, then it is time to do so, and as soon as possible. The Drobeta-Orsova-Cazanele Dunarii area is a superb one and any additional description in words is useless besides the experience you will live there, on the spot. And not anyway! From above, in a demonstration flight with the ultralight plane in Cazanele Danube !

The way the Danube made its way among the mountains, being bordered on both sides by rocky walls, will enchant you to the maximum on board the aircraft in the pleasant company of the pilot who will also be a tourist guide. The flight lasts approximately 60 minutes and includes flying over the following objectives:

    • The Danube in the Drobeta area

    • Simian Island

    • The city of Drobeta

    • Iron gates

    • The city of Orsova

    • Trajan's Tabula

    • Mraconia Bay

    • The face of Decebalus

    • Small boilers

    • Dubova Bay

  • Big Boilers

The aircraft in the equipment are: a 2-seater Flight Design CTSL and a 4-seater Piper PA28 Cherokee. Depending on the number of people for whom you buy the gift, the appropriate plane will be chosen.

Send your friends on a flight with a very experienced pilot (he has been active in the world of aviation since 2006 and since 2019 he has also become a flight instructor) and not just any kind of flight, but one in one of the most picturesque areas in the country: in the wonderful Mehedinti. It will be a gift that promotes beauty, aviation, new experiences. We guarantee that it will soon become the most beautiful gift you have ever received!

You have 3 packages from which you can choose a presentation flight by plane in the Danube Boilers:

    • Solo flight (Pilot + one passenger)

    • Flight in 2 (Pilot + 2 passengers)

    • Family flight (Pilot + 3 passengers)

*Prices displayed are per package, per plane

Presentation flight by plane – Cazanele Dunarii

Minimum age:16 years old, with the written consent of the parents, notarized or accompanied by them. For those who have turned 18, parental consent is no longer necessary.
Medical restrictions:Flying by plane is restricted for people suffering from epilepsy.
Qualifications:All instructions will be provided on the spot, before the flight, no prior qualification being required.
Recommended outfit:Comfortable clothing and sports shoes;
Programming:Any flight requires an appointment, at least one day in advance. The flights will be carried out only on favorable days from the weather point of view and when the condition of the runway allows after heavy rains or snows. In winter, on the snow, they don't fly. In case of weather restrictions, the flight will be rescheduled.
Period:All year round, including Saturday-Sunday and legal holidays.

Duration:approximately 60 minutes
Time schedule:from sunrise to sunset;
Venue:Drobeta airfield, DJ 606A. It is recommended that the beneficiary of the voucher arrive at the airport at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time, for flight preparations.
Voucher validity:12 months;


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Presentation flight by plane - Cazanele Dunarii

Presentation flight by plane - Cazanele Dunarii

1.500,00 lei