Flight to Sibiu for a couple (shared cost)

The time has come to choose the experience of an amazing flight! If you want a special day with your loved one, with all kinds of sensations, a flight to Sibiu for a couple (shared cost) is the perfect choice! Just close your eyes and imagine how you rise above the picturesque landscape of Sibiu, holding hands, with hearts full of emotion and enthusiasm...

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Flight to Sibiu for a couple (shared cost)

Enjoy an unforgettable adventure! Discover together with your loved one the amazing sensation that a flight to Sibiu offers for a couple (shared cost). Whether you are an adventurous couple looking for new experiences or you want to give a special gift to a friend who is passionate about aviation (and you keep them company), this is the perfect time to enjoy a perfect experience together.

We said "Couple", but obviously, the beneficiary of the voucher can get on the plane with a friend or even 2, with father and child or whoever he wants. The idea is that in addition to the pilot, three more people can board the plane, and the displayed price is for one flight, so for 3 passengers.

Flight to Sibiu for a couple (shared cost): performance and comfort

The plane with which the flight is made is the Socata TB10, also known as the Tobago, it is a light single-engine plane manufactured by the French company Socata. The cruising speed will be approximately 200 km/h. It was introduced for the first time in 1979 and became popular due to its good performance and versatility in use.

The plane is designed with a spacious and comfortable design to offer passengers a pleasant experience during the flight. The TB10 plane is equipped with a 4-cylinder Lycoming engine and offers a power of approximately 180 horsepower.

In order for the experience to be complete, we specify that the pilot is more than experienced and communication will be carried out without any barriers. You will be accompanied by a commercial pilot with a vast international experience of 24 years.

He is not only an expert in the field, but speaks fluently both English and German. Thus, if you choose to give this gift to your friends who speak another language, be sure that they will have a safe and relaxing adventure, without communication obstacles.

It won't stay that way, except to free your mind and enjoy every moment while flying over Sibiu and the Fagaras Mountains.

Flight to Sibiu for a couple (shared cost). Flexible options to enjoy the natural beauty

Maybe for some of you a 30 minute flight is enough, maybe for some it is too little to absorb all the beauty of nature and the amazing landscapes above Sibiu. That's why we offer you the opportunity to choose between a 30-minute, 45-minute or 60-minute flight, so that you can freely enjoy the enchanting views and the unique sensations that this extraordinary experience offers.

Package Included:

  • 15 minutes welcome, information about flight safety, boarding, preparation for take-off
  • 30/ 45/ 60 minute flight - aerial tour of Sibiu and surroundings (depending on the package chosen)

For the 60-minute version, the routes proposed by the pilot are:

  • Option 1: Sibiu - Avrig - Fagaras - Slimnic - Sibiu
  • Option 2: Sibiu - Alba Iulia - Cisnadie - Sibiu
  • Option 3: Sibiu - Slimnic - Mosna - Biertan - Sighisoara - Sibiu

And for the 30- and 45-minute variants, the pilot can come with proposals or adapt the route according to the client's wishes and the time allocated to the flight.

Whatever you choose, don't let this opportunity pass you by! Dare, make a reservation now and you will have already taken the first step towards adventure! Choose the ultralight flight in Sibiu and start an unforgettable experience together with your loved one. Surround yourself with the fresh air of adventure and let yourself be carried away in an enchanting dance above Sibiu and the Fagaras mountains. This experience will revive both your souls and your relationships.

*the displayed price is per flight, per plane

Legal information: The concept of 'cost shared flight' is a completely legal flight according to European Regulation (EU) no. 965/2012, where private pilots are allowed to share the flights and costs for the plane with other passengers. They are allowed to advertise these flights, but are prohibited from making any profit. The purpose of this is to allow the general public to participate in aerial sports activities without having to do flight training. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Flight to Sibiu for a couple (shared cost)

Minimum age:10 years, minors will be accompanied by their parents at the airport and will have their written consent

Maximum capacity:3 passengers + pilot

Duration:30, 45 or 60 minutes, depending on the package chosen

Maximum weight:230 kg (total passenger weight)

Physical condition:not have serious heart problems, sickness or fear of heights.

Medical restrictions:not recommended for pregnant women; forbidden to consume alcohol or drugs at least 12 hours before the flight

Qualifications:no qualification in the field is required. Qualified personnel fly the aircraft.

Recommended Attire:sports, casual, comfortable clothing

Period: all year round, from Monday to Sunday, in favorable weather conditions. If the activity cannot be carried out on the set day, it is rescheduled to another day.

Meeting place: Măgura Airport, between the municipalities of Sibiu and Cisnădie

Voucher validity: 12 months

Appointment: at least 2 days before

Qualifications:no qualification in the field is required. Qualified personnel fly the plane.

Recommended outfit:sports, light, comfortable clothes

Period:all year round, from Monday to Sunday, during the day, in favorable weather conditions. If the activity cannot be carried out on the set day, it is rescheduled for another day.

Meeting place:Magura Airport, between the municipalities of Sibiu and Cisnadie

Voucher validity:12 months

Programming:at least 2 days before


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Flight to Sibiu for a couple (shared cost)

Flight to Sibiu for a couple (shared cost)

830,00 lei