Sibiu balloon flight

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Discover the charm of Transylvania from above with a balloon flight over the picturesque city of Sibiu! Offer a memorable and exciting experience with our special gift: Sibiu Hot Air Balloon Flight. Perfect for surprising a dear friend, celebrating a couple's anniversary or for an unforgettable family adventure.

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Balloon flight Sibiu: a unique experience

Enjoy an extraordinary adventure in the heart of Transylvania, in a picturesque setting with charming landscapes! The balloon flight in Sibiu is the perfect experience for those who are looking for new sensations and dream of touching the sky.

Despite the law that forbids flying over the city, the heart of the travelers in the hot air balloon jumps with joy at the views that stretch as far as the eye can see. Instead of asphalt and buildings, discover quiet lakes, dense forests that hug the Carpathians and the spectacle of sunrise or sunset. In their flight, they feel freedom and connection with nature, and the desire for urban bustle disappears, replaced by the magic of the unspoiled earth.

But the duration of the flight is about an hour. But... the experience is not limited only to the flight. Starting from the choice of the take-off ground, the inflation procedure, take-off, flight, and until the landing and recovery of the aircraft and passengers, everything is part of an adventure that lasts about 3 hours. These moments will become precious memories forever. It's worth every single second!

The balloon will rise to a maximum height of 1000 meters, feeling the breeze of the wind and the absolute freedom above.

Sibiu balloon flight. Is it the perfect gift?

This is the question... the answer is only one: it is!

Give a memorable experience: If you want to give a truly special and memorable gift, a balloon flight in Sibiu is the ideal choice. It is a unique opportunity to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Adrenaline and relaxation in one experience: From the emotions of adrenaline when the balloon rises from the ground, to the peace and relaxation that accompany the flight over idyllic landscapes, this experience offers a perfect combination between adventure and contemplation.

The Perfect Gift for any occasion: Regardless of whether you are celebrating a special event or simply want to spoil someone dear to you, a balloon flight in Sibiu is the perfect gift for any occasion.

more than that, the balloon flight takes place all year round (as long as the weather allows this) and the experience is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Sibiu balloon flight x 4 variants

Because the occasions, desires and budgets are different, we come with a selection of 4 types of gifts. You choose the right one, the celebrant can change it if he is tempted by something else:

  • One person - your friend will fly with a group of maximum 4 people already formed (large balloon, maximum passenger weight 400 kg)
  • Couple - only your friends in love and the pilot will be in the nacelle (small balloon, maximum weight 260 kg)
  • VIP - exclusivity in a small balloon. 1-3 people and the pilot (small balloon, maximum weight 260 kg)
  • Group 4-5 people - renting a big balloon, your group of friends or your whole family + the pilot (big balloon, maximum passenger weight 400 kg)

Dare to dream higher and experience the magic of flying with a balloon in Sibiu! Book now and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Transylvania!


Sibiu balloon flight

Flight duration: approximately one hour

Duration of the entire experience: 3 hours

Validity: 12 months

Appointment: at least 3 days before

Location: Ocna Sibiului area (12 km from Sibiu)

Flight time: morning at sunrise or evening at sunset

Minimum age: 7 years with a minimum height of 1.35 cm (and must be accompanied by one of the parents)

Maximum weight: 400 kg (for a group of 4-5 people) and 200 kg (for a couple or VIP - 3 people)

Other restrictions: passengers under the influence of alcoholic beverages or hallucinogenic substances are not accepted on board the aircraft


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Sibiu balloon flight

Sibiu balloon flight

710,00 lei