Weekend on the yacht

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Nothing can be more beautiful than a sunset on the sea seasoned with a cocktail or a hot coffee at sunrise on the deck of the yacht! Yes, a complete weekend on a yacht that includes the small pleasures mentioned plus many others...

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Weekend on the yacht

Take advantage of the moments of peace, relaxation, bathing in clean water from the sea (as long as the weather conditions and the state of the sea allow swimming in maximum safety) and a new perspective on the coast! Surprise your loved ones with a weekend on the yacht and enjoy a unique experience together!

The skipper who accompanies the group and who does all the hard work is ready to answer any question, having an involvement beyond driving the boats. At the beginning of the cruise, he will give a brief presentation of the boat and the rules of conduct at sea. Those interested will be able to actively participate in the specific maneuvers: maintaining the course with the help of the rudder/rudder, reading the compass, raising and adjusting the sails, nautical knots, etc.

The potential fishermen on the boat can relax practicing their favorite hobby with the only condition that they come from home with some necessary equipment and knowledge!

And in order for the experience to be a complete one, we must specify that there are high chances that the yacht tenants will also meet dolphins and porpoises in the sea. They appear in flocks and are very friendly and playful, swimming next to the boat and jumping out of the water.

Program for a weekend on the yacht:

The program proposed below can undergo changes, if the clients so wish. I can determine the details on the spot, together with the skipper.


    • Boarding the yacht in Mangalia (evening)

    • Border police formalities and departure to Bulgaria

    • A walk to Balcik; night navigation is possible, it's a journey of about 8 hours. Most likely, the lucky ones on the yacht will catch the sunrise near Cape Kaliakra, certainly a memorable landscape! the road will allow you some reflections on the means of transport of yesterday and today, giving you a unique perspective on this city with history! Balcic was also the favorite destination of Princess Ileana, the first woman in Romania with a captain's license, who often visited Balcic on the waterways with her yacht Isprava.


    • In the morning the yacht docks in Marina Balcik, the skipper rests

    • Customers have a free schedule. I can visit Balcik, the Castle of Queen Maria, the terraces on the seafront, etc. Dyonisopolis, as Balcic used to be known, is a city with a special scent, it has a chic port and a waterfront where they will surely find a restaurant or a terrace that will satisfy their gourmet expectations!

    • In the afternoon, you can take a pleasure trip by boat, with a swim break or a cocktail on deck, possibly with a sunset seen from the sea


    • Customs formalities

    • The skipper starts back towards Mangalia. If you leave early (04:30), the sunrise will be caught at sea again

    • Arrival in Mangalia around 12:00

* The displayed price is per package, per boat (capacity 1-6 people). Does not include expenses related to provision for the cruise.

Weekend on the yacht

Minimum age:does not exist; however, minors must obviously be accompanied by their parents.

Other restrictions:People boarding the yacht must comply with the conditions regarding sailing on board a sailing vessel, which will be made known before the start of the activity. If there are medical problems, this aspect must be specified and a doctor's opinion is needed. Boarding the boat is done at your own risk.

Qualifications:no previous similar experience is necessary. Useful instructions are given on the spot.

How long:3 days (2 nights)

Recommended outfit:casual clothing for the day, bathing suit, hats, sunglasses; warm clothes for the night;

Group Size:1 – 6 people (sleeping capacity of 6 + a place for the skipper)

Venue:Black Sea (departure and arrival in Limanu, Mangalia; navigation to Balcic and return)

The weather: you can sail only if the weather conditions allow. If the activity cannot be carried out on the set day, it is rescheduled for another day.

Period: May 1 – October 31, including legal holidays

Programming:at least 60 days before

Voucher validity:12 months


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Weekend on the yacht

Weekend on the yacht

7.500,00 lei