Vmax Karting - adults and children

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Karting is not just for speed junkies or those with racing experience. With a variety of tracks and difficulty levels, karting can be adapted for all ages and abilities. Whether it's a child making their track debut or an experienced adult, everyone can find enjoyment and excitement in this activity. The bottom line? Vmax Karting - the perfect gift! By offering a go-kart experience, you're offering more than a physical object that might be forgotten on a shelf. You provide memories, laughter and an opportunity to spend quality time together. It's a gift that says: "I want to have fun together!"

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Vmax Karting: An unforgettable experience on wheels

Karting is not just a sport, it is a real adventure on four wheels, which wins hearts every day, including the little ones! If you are looking for a dose of adrenaline and want to feel like a superhero behind the wheel, then karting is perfect for you. It doesn't matter if you're not old enough to drive a real car; in the world of karting, everyone can be a champion! For the little ones there are specially designed karts, smaller and less powerful, perfect for the little speedsters.

And guess what? Many motorsport legends, such as Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna, started their careers in karting. Karting is the perfect place to develop your reflexes, skills and competitive spirit. Or just to have fun with friends and have a "different" day.

A voucher for a Vmax Karting session is more than a gift; it's an invitation to fun, adventure and making memories together. Whether it's a group of friends looking to celebrate or a family looking for a new and exciting activity, go-karting is a great choice. In a world where time spent together is becoming more and more precious, such a gift can be just what you want to bring smiles and strengthen the bonds between your loved ones.

Vmax Karting - complete guide

Circuit. The four ramps and two bridges take the experience to another level! Positioned in strategic places they require a different approach to successfully navigate them. The 27 turns of varying complexity keep you hooked and constantly challenge you to search for the perfect line. One session represents 8 minutes of coolness on the circuit Of course no circuit would be complete without a hairpin, a challenge even for the most experienced pilots.

Karturi. The state-of-the-art system for adjusting the seat, steering wheel and pedals ensures your comfort, while the brushless asynchronous motor and Lithium batteries give you maximum power and autonomy. Powerful, ergonomic, safe, but also environmentally friendly, SODI electric karts were designed using ENGEC electric technology, opening new horizons in the world of karting.

Safety. Safety comes first, that's why the circuit is equipped with the latest generation side barrier protection system offered by PGK Design, world leaders in innovative safety systems and revolutionaries in the field of indoor karting.

    • The race is permanently monitored by a specialist on the 28 cameras installed on the route.

    • In case of an incident, the karts can be controlled remotely, they can be slowed down or stopped, thus avoiding dangerous situations.

    • At the same time, the track also contains a safety flags system similar to the one in Formula 1, fully automated, which will warn the pilots if they are approaching a turn where an incident occurred and, if necessary, will slow down or stop their kart.

    • Pedal protection. This system prevents pressing both pedals (acceleration and brake) simultaneously. In addition, it helps to prevent overheating of the brake and clutch pads, thus reducing the premature wear of the components.

    • 3-point seat belt. The three-point belt is specially designed to provide protection in the event of an impact.

    • Full coverage of the kart. The elements of the kart are specially designed to cover all hot or rotating parts on the sides of the kart, thus reducing the risk of burns or sticking.

    • Full floor coverage. The SODI RSX model is specially designed to provide protection for the drivers' legs, by fully covering the floor and the steering wheel mechanism.

    • LED brake indicator. The red indicators integrated on the sides of the kart light up instantly when the brake pedal is pressed, reducing the chances of a potential impact.

    • Load/lock. This system prevents any movement of the karts during the power supply, which prevents possible damage to the charger or cables, but also to the driver or the karts.


    • SODI KART uses the "Proslide" technology, which involves surrounding the karts with a massive plastic bumper and thus reduces the dangers caused by hitting barriers or overturning the kart in the event of an impact.

  • SODI KART has patented the HEAD SYSTEM: a device that allows the front part of the kart to distort and absorb the energy of a frontal impact.

Vmax Karting: variants

    • Adult session : minimum age – 18 years. A session represents 8 minutes per circuit.

    • Junior session : minimum height - 140cm. A session represents 8 minutes per circuit.

    • Grand Prix session (minimum 8 participants): minimum age – 18 years. It is a session intended for groups of at least 8 people and consists of a 6-minute qualifying session (the departure will be from the "PIT LANE" area) and a 12-minute final race, starting from the starting grid, depending of the time achieved in the previous session.


Vmax Karting

Location:Romexpo, Bucharest

Validity:12 months

Programming:at least 2 days before

Minimum height:140 cm

Minimum age:8 years


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Vmax Karting - adults and children

Vmax Karting - adults and children

110,00 lei