Facial treatments Bucharest

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Your skin is attacked daily by solar radiation and pollution, being the most exposed area of ​​the skin. Whether it's about fighting acne or impurities, restoring elasticity or reducing wrinkles, we are prepared with a complete package of facial treatments (Bucharest).

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Facial treatments Bucharest: pampering for the skin

Busy schedules prevent many of us from giving our skin all the attention it needs. The face is the most exposed area of ​​the body, and the skin is one of the most attacked skin segments: by wind, solar radiation or pollution. For this reason, we offer you a series of facial treatments (Bucharest) , aimed at restoring the healthy, balanced appearance of the skin.

Facial treatments Bucharest, for a beautiful and bright face

The diversity of care products on the market can be discouraging for many of us, and not infrequently deceptive. An excellent reason to turn to licensed, experienced beauticians. Our new facial treatments (Bucharest) are the lifesaving solution for any skin problem: in the first phase, a specialist will determine the condition of the skin and problem areas to make personalized treatment recommendations. The second phase is the actual treatment, which will restore the skin's suppleness and natural glow.

Here are the options from which you can choose "Facial Treatments Bucharest":

1. Complex facial treatment "7 therapies"

  • 7 facial therapies with visible effects after the first treatment

  • Radiofrequency - formation of a new collagen recipe

  • Microdermabrasion with diamond crystals

  • Cold hammer therapy to calm the skin - cooling, vasoconstrictor

  • Ultrasound with hyaluronic acid - improvement of the smallest lines of expression, hydration, brightness, dark circles

  • Photonic chromotherapy - stimulates intracellular metabolism

  • Bonus: Bioelectrostimulation + Facial or manual vacuum endermological massage, which tones, refreshes and reduces dark circles through lymphatic drainage

2. Virtual mesotherapy

  • Without needles

  • Make-up removal/Toning/Enzyme peeling/Mesotherapy (acne/cuperosis/antiaging/ depigmentation/ hydration - as appropriate)

  • Cold therapy/Ultrasound Facial massage

  • Duration: one hour

3. Flawless complexion just for Him

  • Make-up removal / Toning / Peeling / Steaming / Extraction / Cold hammer / Ultrasound / Facial massage / Cervical massage / Hair massage / Mask

  • Duration: an hour and a half

4. "Baby-like" complexion

  • Therapy against pigment spots, scars, acne marks, wrinkles, skin that is too dry or with excess sebum

  • The appropriate season for these procedures is the cold season

  • Make-up removal/ Toning/ Microdermabrasion/ Cold hammer/ Ultrasound with special products for depigmentation, serums, vitamins/ Anti-wrinkle massage/ Photonic chromotherapy

  • Duration: one hour

5. Microneedling

  • Minimally invasive skin rejuvenation-regeneration procedure, which involves the use of a pen-shaped device with disposable microneedles. This device called Micro-injector ("The best medical device for skin rejuvenation" in The Aesthetic Show (TAS) 2012) is the fastest state-of-the-art system with which Microneedling or Fractional Mesotherapy treatments are performed

  • Recommended for all skin types and can be used successfully on: face, neck, décolletage, hands, eyes, nose, lips, dark circles. The fine lines of expression diminish until they disappear

  • Microneedle treatment is based on the body's self-healing mechanisms. The body reacts to the introduction of needles in the same way as it would react to any other sharp object that penetrates the skin. The needles are so fine and thin that tissue injury is very unlikely. However, this "nerve stimulus" has as its target a healing process in the cascade. The skin cells release growth signals to the undifferentiated cells after the sting. The effect is the proliferation of new cells. These close the wound, automatically transforming into collagen fibers, but also create capillary fibers that help blood circulation.

  • Indications: Pale and lifeless skin / Fine lines & wrinkles / Expression lines Post-acne scars / Enlarged pores / Large and burn scars Stretch marks and scars / Hair loss / Sagging skin in the neck and décolletage area

  • Duration: one hour

*the displayed price is per package, per person

Facial treatments Bucharest

Minimum age:17 years

Duration:depending on the package chosen


Validity:3 months

Programming:at least 7 days before

Days of the week in which the activity takes place:Monday - Saturday


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Facial treatments Bucharest

Facial treatments Bucharest

400,00 lei