Gun shooting in Bucharest at 2 targets

Do you have a friend who is into guns, Quake, Counter Strike or other profile games? Perfect. Let's see how he does in reality... He will have a weapon, ammunition and 2 targets at his disposal. Hmm... is it as good as on PC? Or do you want to teach him a lesson? Prove it to us!

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Concentration, speed and balance in one activity - gun shooting in Bucharest at 2 targets

It probably seems like a flower to his ear. But shooting with a gun is not a game. It needs concentration, speed and balance. At the end of a session, he will feel fulfilled, strong and much more sure of himself! Be his special friend and offer him an absolutely unique gift - shooting with a gun at 2 targets .

We can only tell you this: he will like it. He will want more. He will return. He will probably give himself such a gift the second time...

With the newest range of weapons and an experienced team of instructors at your disposal, your friend will have a rich and complete experience. Before starting a shooting session, each participant will be instructed by an instructor on how the activity will be carried out in the shooting range and will receive some important details to know when holding a weapon. Then he will be truly ready for shooting a gun at a target!

10 types of 2-target shooting packages

Instructor throughout the shooting period, 2 targets, duration 30 minutes. And 10 different packages you can choose from:

1. Soldier: 50 rounds of 9X19 HK SFP9 or Glock 9mm

2. Carpathians: 50 cartridges 7.65 Carpathian pistol

3. Beretta: 50 cartridges Beretta PX4 Storm 9x19mm

4. Police: 20 Beretta PX4 Storm 9x19mm cartridges and 20 9x19mm Glock 17 cartridges

5. Shadow: 50 rounds of 9X19 CZ Shadow 2 or CZ Tactical Sports 9mm

6. Sig Sauer: 50 rounds of 9X19 Sig Sauer X Five or 9mm P320

7. Advanced: 50 rounds of .45ACP Glock 21 .45

8. Combat : 25 cartridges 9X19 and 25 cartridges .45 ACP HK SFP9 Glock 21 .45 ACP of 9 mm

9. SP5K package : 50 cartridges 9X19 SP5K with red dot – 9mm

10. All in:

  • 10 CZ Shadow 2 9X1mm cartridges

  • 10 9x19mm Glock 17 or 19 cartridges

  • 10 9x19mm Beretta PX4 Storm cartridges

  • 20 HK SP5 cartridges of 9x19mm

  • 10 cartridges CZ 97B 45 ACP

* The displayed price is per session, per person


Gun shooting in Bucharest at 2 targets

Qualifications:he doesn't need it; find out everything he needs to know on the spot

Duration:about 30 minutes

Recommended outfit:convenience


Voucher validity:6 months

Programming:at least 14 days before


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Gun shooting in Bucharest at 2 targets

Gun shooting in Bucharest at 2 targets

360,00 lei