Floating therapy - Brasov

When you are inside, the silence appears by itself... Also known as the Float Tank, Isolation Tank, Sensory Deprivation Tank or Samadhi Tank, Floatation Therapy is a unique way to achieve relaxation and healing on a physical and mental level.

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Floatation therapy: what does it entail?

And not anywhere... but in the most beautiful city in Romania, somewhere at the foot of Tâmpei, in the first salon of its kind in the country.

Floating therapy takes place in a pool that resembles a large bathtub or a small swimming pool, filled with a ton of water in which 500 kilograms of bitter salt, also called Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate (it is one of the salts known for a long time for its therapeutic qualities). This concentration of magnesium allows the body to float in the solution, offering a feeling of weightlessness. The water is kept at body temperature, eliminating the feeling of cold, and the sound and visual isolation minimizes the influence of common sensory stimuli.

Float therapy. Why give such a gift?

There are a multitude of reasons, but they can be divided into three main categories: health, relaxation and freedom. In addition, a "different" gift like this shows that you gave all your interest, took into account the wishes and needs of the person next to you and even put your soul into the chosen gift.

Physical health is one of the reasons, because floating in the alkaline solution of concentrated magnesium salts allows the muscles to relax, the bones and spine to relax, and the skin to absorb the magnesium from the bitter salt, thus balancing the mineral levels in the body. It helps to prevent problems from the ENT spectrum, Reproductive system, menopause and PMS, Cellular system and chronic diseases, Renal system and Liver (release of toxins), Cardiac system, Endocrine system, Digestive system, Immune system

Mental relaxation and stress relief are other benefits, especially after a hectic day or week. A 90-minute floating session can provide the relaxation equivalent of a peaceful night's sleep or a full massage. And who doesn't need to get rid of stress today?! Moreover, it helps to eliminate mental disorders - depression, panic attacks, stress, insomnia, anxiety, unjustified restlessness, memory disorders, autism

Freedom is also an important reason, because the lack of usual sensory information can free up the processing power of the brain, making it more efficient in mental decisions, creative processes or meditation sessions.

Float therapy. Perfect for anyone

Perfect for children, perfect for healthy or less healthy parents and grandparents, perfect for pregnant women too - floating therapy is everyone's friend!

And yes, even those who don't know how to swim can participate , the pool is only 25 cm high and the salt keeps anyone on the surface anyway. He doesn't sink even if he wants to!

Claustrophobic? No problem! We recommend the Aquarmony Premium floating chamber pools, which offer a generous interior space and have glass front walls, and in closed rooms they can leave the light on and the door ajar until a comfortable level is reached, so that they can benefit from the entire experience of floating in peace and complete relaxation.

It is okay and if the person in the pool falls asleep during the therapy, he will probably benefit from the most restful sleep in recent times.

And what if water gets into his eyes? It will only be a momentary sting, which is why we recommend that you avoid touching your face with your hand after entering the pool, and if necessary, use the clean water container or the towel near the pool. Remember, however, that salts have multiple benefits and they help to heal, including in the case of various eye diseases!

Should he bring his bathing suit? Floating salons offer everyone the necessary privacy to take a bath just like at home and relax quietly, without being inconvenienced by the suit. Its avoidance is also recommended for hygienic reasons, in addition to those regarding sensory deprivation. But for those who still prefer wearing a suit, it can be used optionally.

Floatation therapy - key differences compared to treatments in thermal waters or saline lakes:

  • Salt composition: While saline lakes contain classic table salt (NaCl), floating pools use bitter salt (MgSO4) with magnesium and sulfur as the main elements.
  • Unique density: The concentration of magnesium sulfate in the floating pools is unique and approaches the levels of the Dead Sea, offering a high quality treatment.
  • Privacy and hygiene: Swimming pools provide superior privacy and hygiene, compared to spas or saline lakes.
  • Annual availability: Floating therapy can be performed at any time of the year, thanks to the constant maintenance of the water temperature.
  • Low costs: Eliminating travel and accommodation costs makes float therapy more accessible and immediately available.
  • Therapeutic continuity: Therapy can be followed constantly, with weekly or bimonthly sessions, while other treatments are limited to short periods of leave.
  • Efficient absorption: The absorption of magnesium and sulfur through the skin is superior to oral treatment with food supplements.

Float therapy. Variants you can choose from:

1. Standard: Your friend will opt for one of the 3 options below when calling for an appointment, from Monday to Saturday:

  • Aquarmony One floating cabin pool (float cabin/float tank)
  • Aquarmony Pyramid pool in pyramid shape (float pyramid)
  • Aquarmony Infinity floating capsule pool (float bridge)

2. Premium: Aquarmony Premium pool of float room type; or any of the 3 options above, if he wants something else, on any day of the week and on legal holidays.

The floating experience is the same in all Aquarmony enclosures, keeping the principles of sensory deprivation. The difference with the Aquarmony Premium premises is that it offers a higher degree of comfort and design, dimensions and ambience, equipment and materials used.


Float therapy

Location: Brasov

Validity: 3 months

term: 90 minutes (about 2 hours including shower, relaxation and tea afterwards)

appointment: at least 2 days before

Minimum age:14 years, accompanied by parents

Medical restrictions:restrictions related to motor independence, obesity degree 2, hygiene or recently dyed hair, people with recent operations or open wounds, epilepsy or other mental illnesses.


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Floating therapy - Brasov

Floating therapy - Brasov

230,00 lei