Hot air balloon ride - Brasov

Choose a magical adventure, a hot air balloon ride in wonderful Transylvania! You will live a feeling of freedom that is unlike any other experience so far! You can take off from the location proposed by us or one chosen by you from Brasov county, but only if a few simple conditions are met!

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Hot air balloon ride - Brasov

A hot air balloon ride is pure magic, it is unique and spectacular and differs from any other form of flight. There, at the height, only the whispers of the flames wake you up from your reverie. From the 360-degree balloon basket, feel the deepest feeling of freedom in flight on your skin! But don't take our word for it! Come, try it and then come back with your own story!

The hot air balloon ride - Brasov - takes place from sunrise to sunset. You choose what suits you better! Regardless of the time, the moments spent above everything are sublime anyway. In an instant you feel the scents of vast fields and quiet meadows, floating at a height of several meters above them, and then, in just a few minutes, you notice the landscape taking the shape of a map unfolding under your eyes. Leave behind the agitated, busy and stressful world, at least for a few hours.

Come with us on a journey of the senses and experiences in a hot air balloon and lots of fun!

Hot air balloon ride - Brasov. To what horizons does it take you?

According to the good soul of the people of Transylvania, the depression of Brasov allows hot air ballooning all year round. Weather permitting, we equip ourselves with enthusiasm and take off towards the clear sky. The ride with the hot air balloon is operated in any season, on any day of the week. In winter, however, we do Santa's sleigh competition and spend more time in the air!

Flying with a hot air balloon is a unique experience that requires careful planning to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers. Although we know that it is important for everyone wishing to fly to have all the accurate information received long in advance for the best possible organization, especially for those who also have to look for accommodation in the area, we must take into account numerous meteorological factors.

The exact location for take-off will be established a few days before the flight. This is due to the fact that the weather and air currents can vary and can influence the balloon's path. The team of specialists constantly monitors the weather conditions to choose the most suitable launch site. In the Brasov area, there are several ideal locations that offer spectacular panoramic views of the city and the surrounding mountains. Regardless of the chosen place, we guarantee you a memorable experience, with dream landscapes and unforgettable moments.

2 options for a hot air balloon ride - Brasov

When it comes to adventures in the air, you have two wonderful options at your disposal:

  • Romantic flight. The first is the romantic flight, ideal for those who want an intimate and memorable experience. In this version, the nacelle will host only a couple and the pilot, giving you the chance to enjoy the scenery in a private and quiet setting.
  • Group flight. But if you are looking for a social experience, the group flight is perfect. Here, the nacelle will be filled with the energy of four excited people, plus the pilot, creating a friendly and cheerful environment.

Choose which option suits you best and get ready for an unforgettable trip.

Hot air balloon ride - Brasov. Do you want us to fly from your location?

If the answer is yes, find out that we are moving towards you and can take off/land where you want. But what are the conditions that must be respected in order to be allowed to fly?

  • location outside the urban area;
  • surface size of at least 60m x 60m
  • free of obstacles (tall buildings, high voltage wires)
  • location outside a controlled airspace
You write or call us, tell us which is the place you have chosen and we will confirm if it is suitable for the hot air balloon ride - Brasov or not.

*the displayed price is per balloon

** cancellation of the reservation is made at least 3 working days before the flight

Hot air balloon ride – Brasov

Medical restrictions:the flight is not recommended for those suffering from chronic or other conditions that could endanger their lives during the flight

Other restrictions:people who are under the influence of alcoholic beverages or hallucinogenic substances are not allowed to fly

Minimum age:5 years, accompanied by parents

Qualifications:there is no need, the pilot takes care of everything

Duration:the flight lasts approximately one hour depending on the weather conditions and finding a suitable land for landing, the activity lasts approximately 3 hours in total

Recommended outfit:sport, leisure; sunglasses and a cap or fez. Heels are excluded.

Optimal weather conditions:weak or completely absent wind, no rain or snow, no atmospheric front, good soil condition. If the pilot considers that at the moment of take-off the meteorological conditions necessary for the safe flight are not met, he can take the decision to cancel the flight action and reschedule it in agreement with the beneficiaries of the voucher;

Group Size:depending on the selected package (2 or 4 people)

Place of take-off/landing:Brasov area – Tarlungeni, Moacsa, Harman, etc. (depends on air currents)

Voucher validity:12 months

Programming:at least 14 days before (the earlier, the better)


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Hot air balloon ride - Brasov

Hot air balloon ride - Brasov

1.400,00 lei