Brasov "Family" paraglider - simultaneous tandem flight

Surprise your family with a unique and unforgettable experience! Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary or simply the desire to spend quality time together, simultaneous tandem paragliding for all family members is the perfect gift to create priceless memories.

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Paragliding Brasov: an aerial adventure for the whole family!

The flight is carried out in tandem, with an experienced instructor who will ensure a safe and memorable experience. No previous experience is needed, just the desire to explore the sky!

The flights are carried out simulantly, with as many pilots present as there are members of your family!

Just imagine: you, your partner and your children all floating, at the same time above the mountains, with the friendly wind and an amazing panorama that stretches endlessly below you. And the rest of the family by hand!

This adventure is accessible for all ages, only a minimum weight of 30 kg is required. For families with children, flights are made only in the morning between 9:00-12:00 (and the wind must be calm).

The package is ideal for all types of families: just the two of them - newly married, parents with one or more children, with or without grandparents, with uncles and aunts. Taking off from Bunloc allows the flight of a maximum of 3 paragliders simultaneously. For larger groups we will organize two or more shifts.

Paraglider Brasov. Personalized flights

Whether you prefer a smooth and relaxing flight, admiring the picturesque landscapes of Bunloc, or whether you are eager for thrills and aerial acrobatics, the instructor will adapt the experience to your wishes.

Children can enjoy a flight full of play and joy, adapted to the age and level of courage of each one.

You will experience an unforgettable air show: imagine the emotion of taking off simultaneously with the other family members, floating above the valley like free birds.

Takeoffs will take place at intervals of just a few seconds, giving you the chance to admire each other while experiencing the unique sensation of flying (perhaps for the first time).

Paragliding Brasov: priceless memories

In the evening, after the adrenaline subsides, you will be able to relive the day's emotions by watching the individual footage of each flight. They will become precious memories that you will enjoy for years to come (they are included in the package; you will receive a link with the footage related to each flight).

Tandem paragliding is not only an adventure, but a perfect opportunity to strengthen family relationships. You will experience intense emotions together, you will support each other and you will create unforgettable memories that will unite you even more.

*the price of the chairlift is not included in the package

**if the weather is not favorable, the flight is rescheduled by mutual agreement


Paraglider Brasov "Family"

Minimum age:there is no, but only minimum weight; but children must be accompanied by their parents or have their written consent

Physical condition:medically fit, to be able to run at takeoff

Weight:30-100 kg

Qualifications:no qualification in the field is required. He receives the necessary instructions on the spot! Qualified personnel are the ones who pilot the paraglider.

Recommended outfit:Boots, hiking gear appropriate for the season

Duration:approximately 60 min (including boarding and flight preparation; the flight itself takes 10-15 minutes)

Viewers:he can bring the whole gang to admire him

The venue: Bunloc, Brasov county (at the entrance to Brasov if you come from Bucharest)

Voucher validity:6 months

Programming:at least 24 hours before

No. maximum of people:10

Equipment:we fly only with certified and approved equipment, meaning by this paraglider, harness with impact protection, helmet and for extra safety and a spare parachute suitable for tandem flight. Passengers can always request an inspection of their safety equipment (spare parachute, helmet, harness protector, etc.)

pilots: all pilots with whom you will fly in tandem are licensed in passenger flight or qualified as paraglider instructors or tandem paraglider pilots, have a minimum of 8 years of experience in paragliding and a minimum of 1000 flights. Passengers have the right to request the license of the pilots they fly with at any time.

Flight condition:We will not carry out dangerous maneuvers in flight with passengers or outside the aircraft's flight envelope and will at all times ensure that we do not fly over dangerous or prohibited areas. If the flight conditions are not optimal, we reserve the right to postpone or even cancel the take-off at any time, at the pilot's discretion.

Limitations of Liability:with all the precautions listed above, as in any sport, incidents and very rarely accidents can occur. The decision to participate in a tandem paragliding flight ultimately belongs to the passengers (or legal representatives in the case of minors) and they must implicitly assume the risks associated with practicing this sport


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Brasov "Family" paraglider - simultaneous tandem flight

Brasov "Family" paraglider - simultaneous tandem flight

410,00 lei