Paramotor - tandem flight

If you want to feel like Aladdin on his flying carpet or like Superman in your free time, the paramotor is the perfect choice! You can fly without the need for airports or long runways. It's simply guaranteed fun in the air!

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Paramotor, take me on a flight too!

What is a paramotor ? Well, imagine a strange mix between a paraglider and a motor car attached to the back of a brave guy. Yes, that's exactly what it looks like! With this strange device, you can get up off the ground, dive towards the ground and do all kinds of acrobatics in the air, all with a smile on your face.

On a more serious note, a paramotor represents a fascinating evolution in the field of recreational flying. This device combines the ingenuity of a paraglider with the power of a power plant to provide a unique aerial experience.

Using a propeller mounted on the back of a specially designed backpack, the paramotor generates a force that allows a person to rise into the air without excessive effort or the need for sloping terrain or high platforms.

What makes the paramotor really special is its versatility. By simply activating the power plant, the pilot can take off from a flat surface and take off without the need for runways or any type of special infrastructure.

This amazing mobility opens up unlimited opportunities for those who are passionate about flying, allowing them to explore the sky with ease and freedom.

Another notable aspect of the paramotor is that it is often equipped with a trolley or paralet, which makes piloting even more accessible and comfortable. These flying vehicles facilitate movement in the air and provide more stable control, allowing the pilot to enjoy a relaxing and safe flight experience.

Here are the main parts of this amazing device - paramotor:

1. Magic Paraglider: This is the magic component that makes you float. Imagine a special canvas that inflates with air when you start flying. It's like having your own flying carpet! The secret engine: Yes, the paramotor also has an engine, a small drag with internal combustion. It sits right on your back and does the hard work of keeping you in the air. It also has a propeller to give you speed.

2. The superhero harness: You wear it like a special suit, which connects you to both the paraglider and the engine. With its help, you can do all kinds of tricks and fly in the desired direction.

3. The paramotor is designed to offer a unique flight experience at low altitudes, i.e. below 1,000 meters above the ground. This gives you the opportunity to experience the feeling of flying like a real superhero, close to the surface of the Earth, while enjoying spectacular views.

You don't need to be an aviation expert or have advanced knowledge to enjoy this extreme sport. You can simply leave yourself in the hands of an experienced pilot and enjoy the feeling of adrenaline that pulses in your veins while you contemplate amazing landscapes above and around you.

It is an experience that offers you freedom and adventure, without the need for complicated preparations. So, if you want to feel the taste of freedom and experience the world above, the paramotor is the perfect choice for you.

The paramotor is a means of air transportation that has revolutionized recreational flying. With its innovative technology and outstanding versatility, this device offers the opportunity to explore the world above in an affordable and exciting way. It is a perfect way for those who are passionate about adventure and the freedom of the sky.

And obviously a perfect gift for anyone!

You have two options for flying with a paramotor from which you can choose:

  • Sovata paramotor flight (lasts 15-20 minutes)
  • Flight with the Bezid Lake paramotor (lasts about 40 minutes)


Paramotor – tandem flight

Validity:12 months

Programming:at least 14 days before

Minimum age:12 years (accompanied by parents)

Minimum weight:45 kg

Maximum weight:130 kg

Duration:approximately 20 minutes or 40 minutes, depending on the package chosen

Other restrictions:no heart problems, fear of heights, pregnant women



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Paramotor - tandem flight

Paramotor - tandem flight

315,00 lei