The Danube Delta seen from canoes and kayaks

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Come and explore the Danube Delta in kayaks, perhaps the last wild land in Romania. We provide you with the most experienced team of guides. Route covered with rowing boats, of various models, with a capacity of 1-2 people. It starts from the last village on the "dry" side and reaches wild, isolated beaches. The ideal trip for those who are experiencing the waters of the Delta for the first time.

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What do you say about the Danube Delta seen from canoes and kayaks? Sounds good, doesn't it?

Rowing boats remain the most ecological means of transport, in contrast to the high-powered sloops used more and more by tourists who come to visit the Delta. Thus, those who practice canoeing can cross all the waters of the Delta, not being restricted by the authorities or by the flow and depth of the canals. During the canoe trip, most of the landscapes of the Delta will be encountered: canals, fields, reed fields, lakes, swampy forests, bird colonies, sandbars.

In addition to the landscapes encountered, the canoe or kayak tour remains an exciting sport, an exercise in endurance and navigation, being highly recommended for those who want to improve their muscle tone and physical condition.

The Danube Delta seen from canoes and kayaks with camping and dining

The campsites will be determined by the guides, depending on the conditions encountered in the Delta during the respective period. On the first day, the camp will be set up on the bank of a canal, and the next day the group will camp on a wild beach of the Black Sea. Each participant must own the camping equipment. For those who will request, we will provide a light tent with instant assembly, a sleeping bag and a raincoat.

The team of guides will provide you with dishes prepared in the cauldron (fried fish or fish soup) for dinner, depending on the time available. The participants will have the task of helping to capture a sufficient amount of fish.

For the other meals, the Supplier recommends the participants to bring protein-rich products with a high energy intake, to be able to sustain the effort made during the route: canned food with beans, peas or lentils, whey cheese, dry salami, dates, halva, bananas, but also some fresh vegetables. (Without excess food, the total weight of the load must be as low as possible.)

Instead, it is mandatory for each participant to have 5-6 liters of water. The participants will be on the water for about 4 hours effectively every day, the shifts being interrupted by the rest break.

Included services:

    • Equipment: double and single kayaks, Canadian canoes, life jacket.

    • guides

    • Voporas: transfer upstream to the starting point, at the end of the stay.

    • Motorized support boat, throughout the route.

    • Camping equipment (on request)

    • Workshop of traditional fishermen's dishes

    • Cauldron fish dishes (fried fish/soup for both dinners)

    • Cooking utensils and crockery.

    • Fishing tackle

    • Campfire

Route and schedule:

The canoe trip will cross an area with a diverse landscape, located in the south of the Danube Delta. The route will start from Dunavat de Jos and will cross the canals and lakes to the sea, the final point will be on the beach at Perisor, where the canoe convoy would arrive in the afternoon of the second day. The route is designed in such a way that it can be covered by all the participants, having a duration of about 4 hours each day (day I and II), the laps being interrupted by rest breaks and photo sessions. The return journey will have to be done by steamboat, to avoid canoeing or kayaking against the current.

Friday - Day I

    • 12:30 meeting in the Lower Danube

    • 13:00 instruction, boat preparation, canoe exercises

    • 14:00 departure on the route Route: Dunavat de Jos - Canalul Lipovenilor - C. Dunavat, C. Mustaca

    • 16:00 break

    • 17:30 arrival at the camp site

    • 18:00 organization of the free program camp

    • 20:00 dinner

Saturday - day II

    • 10:00 departure on the route Route: C. Mustaca, C. Dranov, Lake Dranov

    • 13:00 lunch break Route: L. Dranov - C. Perisor - L. Zaton - Grindul Perisor (Black Sea)

    • 14:00 Lake Zaton - birdwatching

    • 15:00 Perisor Beach

    • 15:30 organization of the camp free program

    • 20:00 dinner

Sunday - day III

    • 10:00 route on the Zatoane lakes (protected area)

    • 13:00 boarding the ferry

  • 15:00 arrival at Dunavat de Jos

*the displayed price is per person, per package and does not include transport and meals (only dinner, depending on the fish caught)
**if the group of at least 6 people is not gathered, the course is rescheduled, all participants being notified
*** the program may undergo changes depending on the hydro-meteorological conditions of the respective period

The Danube Delta seen from canoes and kayaks

Minimum age:16 years

Requirements:it does not matter the physical condition or experience in this sport, however, it is mandatory that the participants have minimal swimming skills.

Duration:3 days

Mandatory equipment:casual sports shoes, long and short pants, windbreaker, sun hat, towel, brief body hygiene kit, sun cream, solution against mosquitoes, flashlight. (No excess clothing or unnecessary accessories in such a situation, which would only make the luggage heavier.)

Fishing equipment:minimum fishing kit (telescopic fishing rod, needles, rafts, baits)

Minimum number of participants:6

Equipment and services provided by the Supplier:2-seater canoe or kayak, with luggage compartment and 2 sealed compartments (caissons) intended for electronic objects. The boat can easily support 2 people and the necessary equipment for such an expedition, backpacks, tent, sleeping bags, supplies, water, etc. Life jacket - mandatory item. Camping equipment - for those who do not have this equipment, the Supplier provides free of charge, within the stock limit, tent, sleeping bag, raincoat.

The period in which the activity is carried out:April - September

Location:The Danube Delta

Starting point:Lower Danube (Tulcea county)

End point:Perisor Beach

Voucher validity:12 months

Programming:at least 6 days before


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The Danube Delta seen from canoes and kayaks

The Danube Delta seen from canoes and kayaks

530,00 lei