Skydiving - Tuzla, Constanta

Tuzla, Constanta. Summer 2024. Experience the incomparable sensation of skydiving with a team of professionals or offer your friend a unique moment at altitude: skydiving above the coast! And if your soul won't let you leave it alone, join in!

The season opens on April 29, 2023!

1.300,00 lei

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Skydiving - Tuzla, Constanta. The safe adrenaline free fall method

Far be it from me to use clichés, but we have to admit that life is too short not to experience what we really want! And if a tandem parachute jump is also on your bucket list, I think it's time to check it off!

Such an experience does not require any previous preparation, being a jump that is carried out closely linked to an experienced instructor, always located above, who permanently controls the parachute. The experience of a skydiving jump from a plane offers a sensational feeling.

The free fall with a speed of 200 km per hour, which, depending on the package chosen, can be captured by cameras or photographs, as a memory, will remain memorable.

Skydiving - Tuzla, Constanta. The sea seen from above.

  • Once he arrives at the airfield, he will be met by professional instructors who will provide him with all the information regarding the jump and equip him.
  • There is a 20-minute flight by plane, during which you will climb to an altitude of 4000m.
  • After you get out of the plane, you will feel that you are floating in the air through a free fall of about 60 seconds, with a speed of about 200 km per hour.
  • At 1500 m the instructor will open the parachute, following a flight of 6 - 10 minutes, then the landing.
  • In the end, taking off the harness and overalls will be a regrettable moment, but he will have something to tell his friends who will be eagerly waiting for him.

*the displayed price is per person, per package

Skydiving – Tuzla, Constanta

Minimum age:16 years old, with the written consent of both parents, notarized. After 18 years, parental consent is no longer needed.

Physical condition:Hi. It is necessary that there are no serious problems with the heart, ankles, feet, sickness or fear of heights. The maximum allowed weight of the passenger is 110 kg.

Qualifications:no qualification in the field is needed, all instructions are provided on the spot, before the jump!

Recommended outfit:sports, loose, comfortable clothes - long pants and long-sleeved blouse

Jump safety:The latest technologies and systems for parachutes are used, and new veils are always purchased. The parachutes are equipped with an automatic opening system (AAD). This device opens the reserve parachute automatically, if the manual command is not used.

Equipment and services provided by the Supplier:

  • 15 minutes of instruction before the jump
  • necessary equipment
  • filming and photos depending on the package chosen; they will be sent later, by email

Period: April - October (Thursday - Sunday; in the time interval 8:30 - 16:30)

The venue: Tuzla Airport, Constanta

Validity:12 months

Programming:at least 7 days before. In case of weather restrictions, the jump is rescheduled.

term: maximum 3 hours


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Skydiving - Tuzla, Constanta

Skydiving - Tuzla, Constanta

1.300,00 lei