Wine tasting at Catleya Winery

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Wine tasting at Crama Catleya is the opportunity to live a unique sensory experience. The color palette, the richness of aromas and flavors - everything evokes the Corcova described by Marcel Proust, its blooming vineyards and sunny hills; it is the way of those who own and love the vineyard to share the values ​​with those who discover the secret of the vineyards and the wine, values ​​carefully placed in each bottle produced.

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Wine tasting at Crama Catleya - history and values

The Catleya domain is located in Corcova, a small village located in the Oltenia region of Romania, more precisely in the Mehedinti county.

The wine tasting at the Catleya winery takes place in the pavilion located in the middle of the Corcova vineyards, where your friends are waiting for you, to whom you will give this gift one of the most beautiful experiences. It is an equally successful gift for wine connoisseurs, but also for those who set foot in a vineyard for the first time, it is a complete experience that must be "tasted" at least once in a lifetime. And of course, it will be even more complete if you choose to keep them company, especially since the tasting is for a group of at least 6 people.

Corcova has a rich past. In the height of the Belle Époque, Prince Anton Bibescu, Marcel Proust and their friends tasted Corcova wines in Paris, while evoking the hair flowers from that mythical place. Bibescu, the multi-talented Francophile prince of Romanian origin, was the one who decided to expand his vineyard on the most beautiful and rich hills of Corcova. Helped by the French agronomist Sauget, he gave those wines their qualities and reputation.

Wine tasting at Catleya Winery. Principles without exceptions for a wine tasting as per the book:

    • Values . The best recipe for a successful wine is well-grounded values. That is why Catleya wines are the result of a long process during which no compromise is made.

    • Attention to detail is vital to a successful outcome. That is why Catleya's founder and oenologist, Laurent Pfeffer, is personally involved in every stage of wine production and applies this philosophy, acquired in France, to everything he does in Romania.

    • Authenticity . The owners of the estate also strongly believe in authenticity, so they produce small quantities, with full control over quality and with an understanding of the personality of each grape variety they grow.

    • They respect nature , so when they cannot handle a process manually, they take care to use the most modern and non-invasive technology – not only for soil and plants, but also for animals.

    • Last but not least, I believe in the power of wine to create relationships and special moments ; it is the binder of conversation, pleasure and found time.

What does the Wine Tasting offer at Crama Catleya include?

    • Visit of the winery in the presence of the owner of the winery and explanations about the winemaking process

    • Tasting of 5 wines in the pavilion located in the middle of the vineyards (the wines are not always the same, but they are always from the list described below)

  • Plates with cold snacks (artisanal cheeses and charcuterie)

What are the wine collections included in the wine tasting at Crama Catleya?

    • Freamat , the first collection and the best seller of the Catleya winery, offers modern and fresh blends, which are easily suitable for a family lunch or an evening with friends. Freamat alb is a blend of white and royal Feteasca, with aromas of linden flowers, acacia, white-fleshed fruits (pears, nectarines) and citrus aromas. Fréamat rosé is a fresh wine with aromas of spring, lemon and red fruits. It has a pleasant acidity and an elegant taste. Fréamăt red has a dark ruby ​​color, offers olfactory aromas of berries, jams, cocoa and leather. It is a structured wine, with velvety tannins. It has an aging potential of up to 8 years.

    • The Perfect Simple range is, first of all, a tribute to Oltenia, our adopted region. It is also a range of monovarietal wines, designed and vinified to highlight the typicality of each variety. The wines are made with wild yeasts (which are naturally found on the skins of the grapes), so that the result is as faithful as possible to the exceptional terroir of Corcova. For each wine, between 15 and 25% of the total volume is aged in Romanian oak barrels for approximately one year.

    • The wines in the Épopée range are made only in excellent years, in a small quantity, from the best grapes of that year, with all the care, experience and skill of the oenologist. With Proust in mind and the Orient Express trip he dreamed of to visit Prince Bibescu in Corcova, the Catleya domain makes up the Épopée wine collection. The wines in the Épopée range are made only in excellent years, in a small quantity, from the best grapes of that year, with all the care, experience and skill of the oenologist. They are the result of a selection of grapes vinified and matured separately, in new Romanian oak barrels, for 9 months for Epopée white and 18 months for Epopée red. Thus we obtain some gastronomic, complex, structured wines, with a wide range of pleasant aromas and with a great aging potential.


Wine tasting at Crama Catleya

Minimum age:18 years

Location:Corcova, Mehedinti county

Duration:about an hour and a half

Voucher validity:6 months

Programming:ask your friends to call at least 48 hours before

Time schedule:Monday - Friday, between 11:00 - 18:00

No. minimum number of participants:6


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Wine tasting at Catleya Winery

Wine tasting at Catleya Winery

95,00 lei