Vali Porcisteanu sport piloting course

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Vali Porcisteanu sports pilot course - your friend will learn the secrets and techniques of piloting from one of the best, which will give him a rare opportunity to feel like a real racing driver. The course is individual, so the beneficiary will receive all the attention and guidance necessary to have a successful and safe experience.

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Vali Porcisteanu sport piloting course

Choose this complex package intended for those who dream of becoming pilots or co-pilots in competitions at the national level and it will be the most successful and unexpected gift. It will be equally successful if the celebrant to whom you want to give a gift does not have such dreams, but wants to drive better and better, to improve his techniques and personal skills and to fully understand the secrets pilotage. Our national champion Vali Porcisteanu will personally help them fulfill their wish! Vali is one of the most experienced and talented drivers in Romania, with extensive experience in car racing and with multiple victories and notable performances.

Cars available:

    • Dacia Logan CUP (Rally specification) – (*basic 1)

    • Dacia Sandero CUP (Rally specification) – (*basic 2)

    • Citroen C2 VTS – (*basic 2)

    • Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 (*pro)

What is taught at a Vali Porcisteanu sports piloting course?

The following aspects are addressed both theoretically and practically:

    • Correct position behind the wheel

    • Circulation of hands on the steering wheel

    • Correct position on the pedals

    • accelerating

    • Braking


    • Turning

    • Counter steering

    • Car control in skid

    • Mass transfer

    • understeer

    • oversteer

    • Appeal against appeal

    • Use handbrake

    • Left hand braking

    • Settings and adjustments

    • Choice of tires + pressures

    • Dictation (Radar)

    • Navigation (Road Book, logbook)

    • Strategies for approaching the race

    • Image and PR + partner approach

    • Collaboration with the navigator

    • Organization of the technical support team

There are two versions of the Vali Porcisteanu sport piloting course that you can choose from:

    1. Asphalt or macadam mode

  1. Both modules, i.e. both asphalt and macadam

The course is supported exclusively by Vali Porcișteanu and is held individually over two days. The running surface is asphalt and/or macadam. Optionally, the course can be done (also) with the student's competition car.

It should also be mentioned that the Vali Porcișteanu Racing Sports Driving School is accredited by FRAS and ACR (FIA). After completing the course, participants receive a diploma and certificate on the basis of which they can obtain their pilot/co-pilot license issued by FRAS and/or ACR (FIA).

*The displayed price is per person, per package

**The offer is configured according to the cars used and the modules (asphalt and/or macadam) chosen by the students.

Vali Porcisteanu sport piloting course

Minimum age:18 years

Driving license:Yes

Duration:2 days

The period in which the activity is carried out:all year long

Group Size:Individual course (or in a group of maximum 5 students)


Voucher validity:6 months

Programming:at least 14 days before


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Vali Porcisteanu sport piloting course

Vali Porcisteanu sport piloting course

7.000,00 lei