Photography course for beginners in Bucharest

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Do you have friends who are passionate about photography? Of course you have! Why not help them follow their dream and possibly earn a living from what they like to do? This photography course for beginners in Bucharest deals with the elements of technique and photographic art starting from level 0 knowledge, so no previous experience is necessary!

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More than a gift, a photography course for beginners in Bucharest

The school provides students with course support in electronic format, bibliography, video presentations. At the end of the photography course for beginners in Bucharest , after passing the theoretical grid test exam and presenting the portfolio, a qualification diploma will be issued for the "Photographer" competence group, according to COR code 343101. After graduation, all students will be able to participate in addition to all outings for photographic practice, organized by the school, free of charge!

The photography courses are held by Adrian Nasturica - professional photographer (member of the New York Institute of Photography, id. no. 179450) and ANC authorized trainer, and the processing and post-processing courses by Andi Vasilache - image editor.

The program of the photography course for beginners in Bucharest is:

    • Diaphragm

    • Exposure time

    • Sensitivity (ISO)

    • Camera metering systems for determining correct exposure

    • Aperture correspondence, exposure time, ISO, camera settings • White balance • Types of lenses and the importance of each one in taking a photo, focal length.

    • Focusing system (manual and automatic)

    • Shooting in ambient light

    • Photography in artificial light

    • Colors: - color temperature - basic colors - complementary colors - the circle of colors and the association of colors in photographic composition - color and black and white photography

    • Photographic view: - the photographic frame - the use of the foreground - the use of the background - the station point

    • Composition: - strong points - creating dynamics in photography - the meaning of strong points - exceptions in creating a composition • Using patterns, textures, shapes in photographic composition

    • Using photo filters

    • Portrait photography: - choosing the station point - composition in portrait photography - lighting techniques in portrait photography - choosing camera settings in portrait photography

    • Landscape photography: - choosing the station point - composition in landscape photography - urban landscape - nature - watercourses - sky

    • Reportage photo

Photography course for beginners in Bucharest - structure:

    • it lasts 4 months

    • theoretical classes take place once a week (from 19:00 to 21:00)

  • practical classes take place once every two weeks (Sunday from 14:00 to 15:30)

Each theoretical chapter taught in the photography course will be accompanied by the practical exercise of the notions, being completed by sessions in which the photographs will be commented on from a technical and aesthetic point of view. The school has a studio equipped to professional standards where the courses will be held and the techniques taught in the course can be practiced.

The notions of technique and photographic art are not only presented in photography courses, but are explained and argued, so as to allow those who acquire them, to use them creatively.

* The displayed price is per package, per person

** The courses are accredited by the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of National Education

***Presence at classes is mandatory. The course fee and the advance required to reserve the place are not refundable! If a person can no longer participate in the course for objective reasons, for a certain period, he can return and complete the course with another group whenever he expresses his availability, at no additional cost!
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HIPS: 88 cm - 35
SHOE SIZE: 39 - 6

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Photography course for beginners in Bucharest

Photography course for beginners in Bucharest

2.490,00 lei