Defensive driving course

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Another special package for car lovers, but especially for those who want to improve their driving technique, for the efficient and economical exploitation of the vehicle, but also for the prevention of accidents. We have to admit that such a package is ideal especially for HER, whether she recognizes you or not!

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Defensive driving course - The main role

Defensive and preventive driving courses are intended for anyone: whether they have just received their driver's license, or whether they are an old customer of the roads. The information is useful, it complements what he learned at the driving school, and the results will be seen immediately. Defensive driving courses are aimed at reducing the number of accidents and come as a supplement to the knowledge from the driving school. Not to be neglected - the course will be held by the national champion Vali Porcisteanu.

Among the roles of a defensive driving course we mention:

• reducing the number of traffic incidents involving your company's cars or your personal car;
• bringing new information / knowledge, legislative or technical;
• reduction of insurance premiums paid by the company for the car fleet;
• putting students in borderline situations through various practical tests to make them aware; to become familiar with the critical situations in which they may end up and to make them more capable at the wheel;
• increasing the level of road education of the company's employees;
• avoiding the phrase: "how good it would have been if I had learned to avoid this situation at the driving school...!" in unforeseen traffic situations.

Defensive driving course - reducing accidents and efficient and economical operation of cars

The course is intended both for companies that own fleets of cars and want to improve their drivers, as well as for private individuals. The advantage of driver training is: the reduction of accidents and the efficient and economical operation of cars, which significantly contribute to the decrease of expenses in the operation of the car park.

Other costs that can be avoided are those costs that we usually don't take into account, but that can make a difference.

• Losing a client, a contract or a sale, missing a meeting
• Expenses for the employee injured in an accident
• The costs of hiring and training a new employee or replacement
• Depreciation of the damaged and repaired automobile
• Negative publicity.

To achieve these objectives, the defensive driving course is focused on two main directions:

Theoretical session:
• Legislation, statistics
• Preparing the car for travel
• Safety systems
• The correct position in the chair
• Visual field
• Using the mobile phone
• Tires
• Correct circulation of hands on the steering wheel
• Driving in special conditions, defensive driving techniques
• Mass transfer, emergency braking
• Controlled skids – longitudinal transfer, understeer, oversteer

Practical session:
• Correct driving position simulator + perception / reaction time
• Rollover simulator, frontal impact / bumping
• Controlled skid simulator / car with two steering wheels
• Emergency braking with ABS system + slalom and obstacle avoidance

*the displayed price is per person, per package

Defensive driving course

Minimum age:18 years

Driving license:Yes

Duration:one day

The period in which the activity is carried out:all year round

Group Size:minimum 10 people


Voucher validity:6 months

Programming:at least 14 days before


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Defensive driving course

Defensive driving course

750,00 lei