Step By Step Espresso coffee course

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Give a memorable gift specially designed for your coffee loving friends! The "Step by Step Espresso" course will reveal the secrets of preparing a perfect espresso!

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Step By Step Espresso coffee course

Discover the art of perfect extraction! Get ready to explore the fascinating world of espresso coffee with this course specially designed to guide you from "novice" to "one step closer to expert".

Whether you're an enthusiast who wants to perfect your skills or you're looking for the ideal gift for a coffee-loving friend, "Step by Step Espresso" offers a rich and engaging learning experience.

Step by Step Espresso coffee course. What will you learn about?

Essential Equipment:

  • Grinder : Discover the crucial role of the grinder in obtaining a perfect extraction. Learn about different types of grinders, the optimal grinding degree for espresso and correct grinding techniques.
  • Espressor : Familiarize yourself with the anatomy of the espresso machine and its operation. Explore essential parameters such as pressure, temperature and water flow, and learn how to adjust them to get a delicious coffee.
  • Additional tools : Discover a varied range of useful tools for preparing espresso, from a tamper to a thermometer and a measuring cup. Learn how to use them correctly to get consistent results.

Espresso Basics:

  • Coffee beans : Travel through the origins of coffee beans, discovering the Arabica and Robusta varieties, the aromatic profiles and the influence of roasting. Learn how to select the perfect beans for your taste.
  • Grinding : Experiment with different degrees of grinding and explore their impact on extraction. Learn how to adjust the grind to obtain a balanced and aromatic coffee.
  • Dosing and steeping : Discover the importance of correct coffee dosing and efficient steeping. Learn techniques for even settling to create a solid base for extraction.
  • Extraction : Penetrates the secrets of espresso extraction, discovering essential parameters such as extraction time, flow rate and water temperature. Learn how to monitor and optimize the extraction to get a perfect coffee.

Milk Basics:

  • Learn basic techniques for a correct milk cream and what it means to pour it correctly.

Practice on Milk and Espresso:

  • Applying the knowledge gained, working directly with milk and espresso, to see how all the elements combine in a cup of coffee.

Feedback and tips:

  • You receive personalized feedback from the instructor during the practical session. You learn from your own mistakes but also from those of your classmates and receive advice to perfect your skills.

"Step By Step Espresso" coffee course. 4 reasons to choose it:

  1. Taught by experienced baristas
  2. Friendly and interactive atmosphere
  3. Small groups for personalized learning
  4. Practical and applicable techniques at home


Coffee course "Step by Step Espresso"

Minimum age:18 years

Duration:about 5 hours


Voucher validity:6 months

Programming:at least 10 days before


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Step By Step Espresso coffee course

Step By Step Espresso coffee course

850,00 lei