Romantic dinner at the museum

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To feel the romance of yesteryear, love needs, at least from time to time, a refuge just for the two of you. We invite you to enjoy a break from the present to experience entering another time: choose for yourself and your significant other or as a gift for friends a romantic dinner at a period museum. A real museum, located in the center of the capital.

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Romantic dinner at the museum, an unforgettable gift

The secret of youth? Love. The secret of love? Romance. The secret of romance? Romantic dinner.

Who can say no to a trip back in time, during the interwar Bucharest, when technology had not taken over the city and elegance and refinement were always on the promenade? Invite someone nostalgic in our carriage and we will take them for a walk through other times, with a romantic dinner in a period setting.

This time offer them something else as a gift, offer them a dinner in the most romantic place in the Historical Center of Bucharest: a romantic dinner at the museum . You read that right, yes. A middling. A whole museum just for the two of them! Or for the two of you! It is where whispers merge into the clink of crystals and silverware; in which the emo-aesthetic experience intertwines with the papillo-tactile one. Everything is thought exclusively for the beauty of a memorable evening. A museum that brings Little Paris back to life, located in the city center.

Below we present the menu (today). When you call for an appointment, your friends will have to specify what they chose from the menu, so that when they arrive, everything will be ready. We have 2 types of packages: the identical menu (which means they will have to agree on the same menu) and the different menu assumes that each of the two lovers can choose what they want. Drinks are all included.


    • "First three impressions" (3 creations in miniature glass vessels based on raw vegetables, anchovies, quail eggs)

    • "Pink attraction at first sight" (wild salmon tartare with avocado, sprouts, walnut oil, organic lemon)

  • "Spicy groping on impatient expectations" (fresh prawns smoked paprika, avocado, cherry tomatoes, shallots)


    • "I have a sweet pork, darling" (pork / sweet potato and crust)

    • "Turkey in love, like the world!" (marinated and rolled turkey breast with mushrooms & mashed potatoes of desire)

  • "The impudent dream of a geisha" (packages of salmon and Japanese vegetables in nori seaweed, surrounded by ginger rice)


    • "I'm nuts about you"

    • "Burning pear after something sweet" (pear gratin with vanilla glace)

  • "Elongated like the French" (fromages français, confiture d'oignons, almonds)


    • Prosecco Bio extra-dry

    • Suitable premium wine

    • Assortment of teas, water, coffee

  • Digestive

Romantic dinner at the museum - pampering moments in a fairytale setting

What is the definition of a romantic dinner? A special meal shared between two people in a romantic place, which usually includes candles, soft music, a bottle of wine and a selection of special menus. The purpose of a romantic dinner is to create an intimate atmosphere and to show each other that they care. The romantic dinner at the museum respects all these conditions. Moreover, the place where they will have dinner is isolated, they will not be disturbed by anyone.

Do you need reasons to choose a romantic dinner? No, you don't. But if you still need a boost, we offer you some reasons:

  • It's an excellent way to show your partner that you care.
  • It's a perfect opportunity to spend quality time together, just the two of you, like in the old days. No children, grandparents, friends.
  • You can reconnect and "work" for your lasting relationship.
  • It's a great way to celebrate a special event in your life, maybe even propose to her or surprise her on her birthday.
  • Troubleshoot memories and create new, lasting memories.

All of the above apply equally to you and your friends. You can help them rediscover themselves, celebrate something important or simply have a special evening just for the two of them.

And if you want an even more complex gift, you can complete the romantic dinner at the museum with another experience in the same vein, namely a vintage photo shoot .

Romantic dinner at the museum


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Programming:minimum 4 days

Minimum age:18 years


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Romantic dinner at the museum

Romantic dinner at the museum

800,00 lei