Hunting and shooting simulator in Brasov - SimWay

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And have you reached that moment when you don't know what gift to give? That's why we are here, to offer you solutions: this time we offer you the most complex hunting and shooting simulator in the world! Send your friend to a perfectly rendered 3D world where he can release his energy alone or with family, friends or office colleagues!

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Hunting and shooting simulator in Brasov SimWay - the most advanced in the world

For your friends who want to test what it's like to be a hunter (without having a guilty conscience), you can now choose a gift that satisfies both requirements: a hunting simulator. And not just any simulator, but a SimWay one (developed by the Swedish company SimWay AB) - the most advanced hunting and shooting simulator in the world, being very easy to install and use. And we are not saying this, but the specialists in the field.

Hunting and shooting simulator in Brasov SimWay - What do you choose?

Now, all you have to do is choose the right option in terms of duration and number of players:
    • Fast and Furious Package (30 minutes of play; maximum 2 people)
    • Classic Family Package (one hour of play; maximum 4 people)
    • Opulent Family Package (2 hours of play; maximum 4 people)

The simulator has several game variants, for one player, 2 players, 4 players, and for teams, and a game lasts about 3 minutes. Furthermore, during the allotted time, depending on the package you choose, players can change the game at any time, choosing one of the 3 options below:
    • SimWay Hunt is structured on three modules: hunt, sport and tactical. It satisfies with variety, it offers amateurs and enthusiasts educational, training and, last but not least, leisure opportunities. The friendly and intuitive interface allows the selection of modules, the type of simulation and the scenarios/situations offered to the shooter.
    • SimWay Arcade is the simulator dedicated to gun sports and entertainment. Divided into two modules, one dedicated to gun sports and one to simulations worthy of the Wild West, it introduces the possibility of using any of the modules in single player duel and team player.
    • SimWay Challenge is the simulator developed and launched in 2017 at IAAPA EAS Berlin. It's the novelty that takes SimWay Hunt into another realm, that of mass entertainment. Team player, duel or single player, young or old, experienced shooter or beginner, you cannot pass this adrenaline generator unnoticed.

The infrared beam used by the sighting device is not in the visible spectrum and is completely harmless to the human body. There is no risk of electric shock. It should also be mentioned that during the game, only one group of players other than an instructor has access to the simulator room.

The hunting and shooting simulator in Brasov includes:

    • High performance PC system
    • Projector Projection screen
    • Dual camera (detects laser wave in the invisible infrared spectrum)
    • Weapon replicas (pistols, rifles, revolvers)
    • 3D software application
*The unit has taken measures to comply with specific sanitary legislation. Weapons are disinfected after each game. Disinfectant and disposable gloves are available to the players.

** Anyone who does not follow the rules of the game will be escorted out of the facility.

***All rooms are under video surveillance.

Hunting and shooting simulator in Brasov SimWay

Qualifications:he doesn't need it; find out everything he needs to know on the spot


Voucher validity:12 months

Programming:at least 7 days before

Are forbidden:

  • Handling of weapons before training
  • Leaving weapons in places other than those specially arranged
  • Handling weapons outside the limits specified in the instruction
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages

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Hunting and shooting simulator in Brasov - SimWay

Hunting and shooting simulator in Brasov - SimWay

120,00 lei