Parachute Cluj

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Tandem skydiving is the simplest and best alternative for those who want to experience free fall and skydiving. Anyone can do this type of jump regardless of age or physical condition because the tandem jump is done with an experienced instructor. Choose the "Parachuting in Cluj" gift and you won't go wrong!

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Parachute Cluj - the special gift for a friend or for yourself!

Are you looking for a special gift for someone you really care about and really want to surprise them? We come up with an excellent idea: a tandem parachute jump in Cluj!

The images and sensations you will experience during the parachute jump are unparalleled: you will be suspended 3,000 meters above the ground, with breathtaking views of the city of Cluj and its surroundings. During the jump, you will feel a unique combination of adrenaline and inner peace. Then, after opening the parachute, enjoy a smooth and quiet ride through the air while still having an incredible view of the amazing landscapes below you. It is an experience that will stay in his mind forever and is sure to be appreciated by anyone.

You will definitely make a good impression by giving such a gift and create unforgettable memories. We recommend you to "grope" the terrain a bit first and make sure that the person you want to give this gift to - Parachute Jump Cluj - meets all the necessary criteria to be able to make the jump and has no health problems. If you don't know for sure, don't bathe! He can then exchange the gift, free of charge, for 30 days, with any other activity on our website.

In conclusion, if you want to give a memorable gift, look no further. A tandem parachute jump in Cluj is the perfect choice and I am convinced that the loved one for whom you will give the gift will be extremely happy and grateful.

Cluj parachute jump - stages and variants

The tandem jump is done with a special parachute for 2 people. The passenger's harness is attached to the instructor's harness which has the tandem parachute. Since the tandem instructor is responsible for opening the parachute and landing safely, preparation for the jump takes only 15 minutes.

You will jump from 3000 meters and experience 35 seconds of free fall, followed by parachuting for a few minutes. Don't forget to enjoy the view!

The biggest regret of the people who made the first jump in Tadem is the fact that they did not choose to film and photograph the jump. The videos and photos of the jump will help you relive the experience of the jump in the future.

Most people make only one jump in their life. Why not save it, have it as a souvenir and show it to family and friends?! A professional cameraman will jump with you and film the preparation of the jump, the flight, the free fall and the landing. At the end, you will receive a video montage with all the important stages of the jump, if you choose such a package.

If all the requirements are met, only the weather has to be on our side and your friend can enjoy the wonderful gift offered whenever he wants (flights are made on weekends). Let's fly!

Here are the 3 variants of "Cluj Skydiving" packages that you can choose from:

    • Tandem jump with simple parachute
    • Tandem parachute jump with filming
    • Tandem parachute jump with filming and photos

* Divers must wait 24 hours from the last dive to jump.

** The jumper will sign a declaration on his own responsibility for the flight.

Parachute Cluj

Maximum weight:90 kg

Minimum height:140 cm

Duration:approximately 2 hours

Location:Luncani, Cluj county (intersection between Alba and Targu Mures counties)

Reordered outfit:comfortable clothes and sports shoes

Minimum age:18 years (In the case of minors, a notarized agreement is required by which both parents give their consent to perform the jump; minimum 14 years, with report card)

Medical restrictions:good health. People over 60 years old need a medical certificate from a doctor. Jumping is not recommended for pregnant women.

The period of the year in which the activity is carried out:May – October (on weekends)

Voucher validity:12 months

appointment: at least 14 days before


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Parachute Cluj

Parachute Cluj

1.300,00 lei