Exchange the gift!

How do you exchange the gift voucher?

We hope that it will not be necessary to change it, we hope that the celebration will be at least as happy as you expected it to be... And yet, if you bought him a gift voucher for bungee jumping, and he is sorry height and doesn't want to try, here's what to do:

  • The Buyer or the Beneficiary of the voucher has the right to exchange the purchased/received gift voucher once with another voucher found on the website within a maximum of 30 days from the confirmation of the order.
  • If the price of the new voucher is lower than the price of the initially chosen one, the price difference is not refundable.
  • If the price of the new voucher is higher than the price of the original one, the Buyer will pay the price difference online or cash on delivery.
  • If the Purchaser or Beneficiary of the voucher wishes to change it after the 30 days, he can do so only once, during the validity period of the voucher and only if steps have not been taken to reserve the activity in order to carry it out. An administrative fee of 80 lei will be charged for this change. The validity of the new voucher cannot exceed the validity of the original voucher.

How do you proceed?

  • As soon as you have changed your mind about the chosen/received voucher, send an email to in which you give us the name of your account, the voucher code and specify that you want to change it.
  • If you are the beneficiary of the voucher and you do not yet have an account created within our store, you must create one now.
  • In a maximum of 24 hours, our operators check the order linked to the voucher with that code.
  • If you opted for the cash on delivery payment and the voucher has not yet been sent by courier, the order is simply canceled and you will be able to start another order from the beginning. You will shortly receive an email to confirm this.
  • If the payment was made online or you opted for cash on delivery and the voucher has already been sent by courier, the order cannot be cancelled. (For a refund, you must comply with the obligations and pay when you receive the envelope).


  • You will receive a confirmation email from us with a code for a discount coupon issued in your name, equivalent to the price of the activity ordered for the initial gift voucher.
  • When you choose the new gift voucher, with which you want to exchange the first one, at the first step of the "Sumar" order, you have a "Code" field - where you must enter the code we sent you and press the "Add" button.
  • Thus, the value of the initially ordered activity will be deducted from the price of the new purchased voucher.
  • You only have to pay the difference, that is, the final value that appears on the new invoice.
  • If the price of the initial voucher is greater than or equal to the price of the final voucher, only the cost of transport will appear on the invoice.

Anyway, we are at your disposal for details! But it would be best to find out what your friend wants, what he would like to do or what hidden dreams he has... Otherwise the surprise will be complete from the beginning!